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  1. Go ahead and close this I won't be able to resume this app. I'm sorry for the inconvience
  2. Lol Frenchies damn there superiority
  3. Well i want to add value through my Gears of War career by keeping a certain attitude while playing in professional or competitive gameplay. I want to always be respectfull not only to the community or to the team im on, but also to the teams that im against. I want to also be welcoming and warm hearted to all gamers. I always want to be respectfull of others. I hate myself when i make the mistake of judging or disrespecting someone and/or go with all people against someone. People can be scarred or hurt by people who insult them and i neverr want to do that to someone. What im getting at is I respect all people and i wont hurt the morale of vVv if chosen. I want to help people who are free agents or incomplete teams to finding the right people for the team. So not only will i be keeping my rights as a vVv member by honoring and helping everyone and anyone but also helping the community out and helping them get to that competitive level that they want to be on so they can be apart of vVv someday. To be apart of vVv is not only a privilage but an honor.
  4. Wait a minute.....did I? Sh......aight thanks for the catch an thanks bro. My iPods tweeting app ha been messing up so Im looking for a new one but I will start retreating And tweeting again soon.I answer the value question inn the post above yours my man. Thanks for the info Bro!
  5. My name is Resistance an I approve this message.....and this app!
  6. I have played with him. He is a very good player keeps communication going and gets the job done. He is a great player and deserves to be in vVv for the reason that he is respectable and that he is always in his A Game!
  7. A little bit more detail if possible then the gears boyz will be satisfied but good luck on you application!
  8. Resistance


    Played as Evil Ryu in a arcade in St Louis Dominated kids haha
  9. Resistance


    Well if AE is coming to console I might have to apply for fight club for the summer
  10. Good luck Grod you sound like an awesome guy. Hope o play gears with ya soon! Best of luck on your app
  11. No comments let me be the First

    I Love this guy lol

    Sup Bro..

  12. Wont be on till later but I will add u now
  13. Yo metaphor want to game on Gears tonight? If your on that is. Would really like to see how you game and how you play. If ya cant that's fine just wanted to ask and ivite ya my man. Good Luck on your app once again.
  14. Meant to say Volcom my bad haha
  15. I can't agree more he is a shining example of it

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