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    Snowboarding, skateboarding, music is my life ! Sports cars love them! THE GAMESSSS ! SC2 favvv
  1. in my experience grouping with people threw out the time i played all of nightmare, anytime there was monk there it seemed like the group flow was a lot better and smooth while questing, deff gatta have a monk in any group, considering making one my self now
  2. yeah let em absorb the story line first.
  3. you were pretty spot on with almost everything i was playing threw and once i finished normal mode i was like god damn blazek can see into the future
  4. in love with d3, loved d2, never played d1 but in all i love it, you should play it !
  5. we shall see! i dont actually have anything to add just wanted to say good read i enjoyed that. only 4 1/2 hours to go then we can start finding out!
  6. it's all good sontran i can always remake tourneys and theres always lots that run on playhem
  7. also anyone with a playhem account please add me to your friendlist so i can run invites out to you guys when i make them!
  8. [NA] Silver to Plat SC2 Tourney - http://playhem.com/tourney/20475/by/vVvXzael - Starts May13 at 2:00 p.m EST. GMT-04:00 lets get as many vVv as we can!
  9. great speech, the story about death really hit it home for me
  10. i Actually made the name "Xzael" up back in my Diablo2 days so totally going to continue with the use of this name for my toons, probly using diff alt codes for letters to keep the same name. Hopefully D3 lets me use alt codes in the name.
  11. I'm pretty much going to go crazy with D3 as well but not that hardcore since i have a 3 month old baby. Loved D2, will probly love D3 even more!
  12. andrew.charlebois@hotmail.com will be playing barbarian or wizard to start with im pretty sure! wont be playing HC and yes will be playing at midnight
  13. facebook: http://www.facebook.com/andrew.charlebois Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/vVvXzael Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheXzael?feature=mhee TwitchTV: http://www.twitch.tv/vvvxzael/videos
  14. long read but very good i am trying to learn zerg as my new main race and this really helped a lot !@

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