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  1. Im done soo can u ****** with help this community ! People in this site are cool but the way this site work is like Poo Poo !
  2. Thanks you i still love u OmG ! And yes u can close this i wanna go on my own ! ILY everyone who have support me. This site is not a place for a frenchy like me ! Peace out but im going to still a vVv member !
  3. Best of luck in yur app ! Stay active and have fun ! Peace
  4. Welcome to vVv Gaming ! Don't forget to stay active ! Peace
  5. Goodluck with yur app ! Stay active and have fun !
  6. Nuff Proto

    Rift - medpac

    Goodluck in your app dude ! Don't forget to stay active !
  7. Best of luck whit your application ! Stay active and have fun ! Peace
  8. Nuff Proto


    Goodluck in yur app ! Don't forget to have a good twitter activities ! Peace
  9. Best of luck dude ! Everyone seem to like u soo i like u too ! Stay active and have fun !
  10. Goodluck in yur app ! Stay active and have fun !
  11. I don't see vVv Hearts in red and i don't know why!?

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