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  1. It has happened to me once or twice, there is nothing you can do. I, although, have seen a decrease from people who would only play one role in the old solo and troll otherwise to the new champ select. For me, the big upgrade is the last pick not being stuck with a role they know they suck at, thus fucking everyone right in the poosack while playing.
  2. Dynamic Queue or the new champion select? Most people seem to hate dynamic queue, while I actually love it! Even though I only get to play a game or two a night, I like playing with people queued together,r it's a lot of fun! In terms of the new champion select, that is pretty much why I came back to play a little bit. Not watching people fight over roles is awesome. One thing I noticed is the amount of AFKs. I don't know, maybe it's because my ELO dropped because of the reset, but I get someone going AFK one out of every 4 games or so and it's really annoying.
  3. Classic Doomhammer causing choas everywhere. I don't know anything about the game but you can PM him here: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/profile/5702-vvv-doomhammer/ It may result in a quicker response
  4. Feel free to add me! I don't play too much because of the time spent working, but I try to save time for a game a day or so. I don't know after the recent patch but im between G4 and MG4 (i think Mg1) My steam is nCage and is also on the stickied post within the CSGO forums.
  5. Spike

    Titan Application

  6. Read the description of the video. Content given to this guy by Falco. YOU MOTHERFUCKER
  7. ORG 3 > FW 1 FNC 1 > EDG 3 SKT 3 > AHQ 0 KTR 3 > KOO 1 SKT 3 > FNC 1 KTR 3 > 1 FNC SKT 3 > 1 KTR
  8. Spike

    Anyone for CS:GO?

    Welcome! If you haven't yet, there is a vVv Gaming group on Steam that you should check out.
  9. Spike

    my application

    You need to put a little more effort. People reading this application gain no value from it to determine who you are as a gamer. Also, your Twitter and Profile are a little bit misleading. "3X MLG Winner" makes me think you won a major LAN tournament, which I'm guessing you did not. Please elaborate on those online tournaments you played in, including your team name, your gamertag (at the time), and the actual tournament name.
  10. I would love to help get it going if needed!
  11. 1. Look at your video card. If you don't know what it is, click start and type devmgmt.msc or "device manager". In this window, you will see your video card, it should be called something like "NVidia GTX blah blah" or "Radeon blah blah". It may not be these, but you will be able to figure it out. It's going to be under "Display Adapters" (I think, not looking at my device manager). 2. Google search the name of your video card and find driver updates. Download them and install them. 3. The next thing I would do is make sure your memory (RAM) if not going bad. There are third party tools out there that will easily test this (Google it). If it is, you need to find the stick of RAM and either remove it or replace it. 4. If it still occurs, try to get the information from the bluescreen (camera?) and share it. Another (even better) option is to get the .dmp files and upload them here. If you have absolutely no fucking idea what I'm talking about whatsoever, then I don't think Google will either. Your best option is to bring your computer to someone.
  12. Nope, welcome to LoL, where you could literally say anything and piss someone off. Actually fuck it ... if you say nothing at all you will probably piss someone off too.

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