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  1. I'm not sure about this patch. While there are some things that I understand (the Ekko, Yasuo, and Ashe nerfs for example), others just leave me scratching my head. I get that they are trying to lay the ground work for worlds, which has been the focus of some criticism from the professional community, but they also appear to be throwing the normal scrubs under the bus a bit in terms of variety. Gnar, Lissandra and Shen have all been having trouble in D Queue for a while now, and now I feel like they will be trash tier for most people who play the game currently. It seems rather strange that, only a few months ago, riot buffed Gnar saying that he was struggling to be relevant against the very tanks that they are now claiming he overpowers. His stats are one of the lowest in the top lane currently (along with fellow nerf-mate Shen), and this might end up putting them out of commission completely, at least until the pre-season when, undoubtedly, they will revert the lion's share of these changes. Maybe I'm just salty because someone at Riot seems to hate top laners...
  2. I, vVv Eternal, endorse Angry Doktor How much time have you spent with the applicant, in-game or out? I have been playing with him for about 6 months now in League. What was your first impression of the community member? Did it change at all over time? If so, how? My first impression of my boy Bwill was that he was a strong player with a learning mind set for the game, and a pretty laid back demeanor. What was your favorite moment with them (in-game or out)? The Brand ults, oh the Brand ults. What makes this applicant a good fit for vVv Gaming? Angry Doktor is a solid player who is constantly improving his gameplay abilities. He is also one of the most chill players that I have had the pleasure to meet in League, and I think that he would be a great player to represent our League Division and vVv in general. How could they improve to be a better potential community member? Participate in the ADL when possible, and potentially communicate with some of the other members of the community outside of League as well. Anything else we should know about this applicant? Any skills or talents that no one else knows yet? Cynthia Dringus
  3. I got a Penta to lose the game the other day on Jhin. And no, I didn't say that incorrectly. Nice job though Buzz and Saturn!
  4. Now I have one more champ to face roll with at night.
  5. Hey Mika, feel free to add me too, my IGN is vVv Eternal and I am also on Discord all the time! I am also the manager of the LoL ADL which is every Friday and Sunday at 6pm PST if you are interested in attending.
  6. My boy Bwill! This guy is a solid player and great addition to the community! He's a super clean GP player too... Kappa.
  7. TL;DR: Season 10 of the vVv Gaming LoL ADL begins Friday, August 19th @9pm EST/6pm PST! Discord Info Just be on Discord at the check in time and have a level 30 with at least 16 champions to participate! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ vVv Gaming has had a long history in competitive e-sports; and, while the LCS may be a long way off for the organization, we can still participate in semi-competitive LoL activities as a community. The ADL has, and will continue to be, our main way to achieve this. However, let’s be honest, the ADL has had a rough time over the past few seasons. This comes from both participant enjoyment, as well as coordination and structuring of the event as a whole. While I do not plan on completely fixing the system from the start, I do believe that there are some short (and long) term changes that can make the experience better for everyone: · We are keeping participation points for this season, as well as the Elo ranking system used for previous seasons. · We will have people recruiting more in the game from the community, and attempt to bring more LoL community members to the discord that we feel would be good for the vVv community. · We will be implementing new rules for the drafting phase. Some of these rules will be introduced as the season progresses and are covered below. · Unfortunately, at this point in time, there is no information regarding a prize. If a viable prize method/opportunity comes about in the future, current season winners will be rewarded retroactively. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rules and Details (Read if new): Nights will consist of two matches per night. You must be able to attend both games (Don’t be that guy, play it out). Be on Discord NO LATER than 8:55pm EST/5:55pm PST for Check In. This will be slowly changed to 8:45pm EST as the season progresses. We want the drafting phase this season to be as smooth as possible. We want to give people time to announce their roles before hand. Check in will happen in the ADL Check In Discord Channel BEFORE players move to the regular ADL channel, and at 9:00pm EST people will move to channels matching their Dynamic Queue rank. Missing the check-in deadline means that you will not be able to participate that night and will not receive a participation point. During the Check In, participants will announce their top 3 preferred roles for a staff member to place in a spreadsheet (Discord does not allow for your descriptions to be changed, that I am aware of). Have a level 30 account, at least 16 champions, and be ready to have some fun! Additional Questions? Contact vVv Eternal or vVv Yui The ADL will last for 10 weeks this season, there will then be a three-week break before the next season starts (Currently scheduled for Nov. 11, 2016). Cheating or Smurfing in the ADL is not permitted. Anyone caught doing either of these this will be suspended from the ADL, no exceptions. Cheating will result in a permanent suspension, smurfing will result in a 5-week suspension. New Drafting Process: So, in previous seasons of the ADL, the highest ranked players were given the priority in being team captains for any given night. While this was not a bad system, it did leave some players feeling left out over the course of the season. That being said: · Highest ranked players will no longer be automatically chosen as the team captain. · Team captains will be chosen by the number of participation points that a player has (you earn 1 point for each night you attend, REGARDLESS of whether or not you are picked). · No player can be captain more than once every 4 weeks (depending on overall participation). · The first weekend will have captains from an arbitrary division and lower. So here is my logic (bear with me). With some outlying cases, most of the team captains would pick from highest available skill in a role down, until all of the top players (and a few peoples friends) were picked. I don’t expect this to change at all; however, this allows for both new and lower skill level players and community members, as well as frequent participants, to always have a shot at playing. They also get the benefit of knowing (eventually) in advance that they will be captains. Additional Information: I would like to try and address the speed of the drafting process. For now, the primary way of doing this will be the check-in time; however, if another feasible method is suggested, any changes will be updated in this section. After the Games: · Players will join the winning team's discord channel, and all players will be given feedback if they desire it. · Players may also provide criticism and suggestions for the ADL. (We are still seeking to improve the event if the community desires it) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Darn Rules · Teams will still be matched by alphabetical order of Discord channel for the time being. · The winner of the first match will play the winner of the second (both matches are played out simultaneously), and the same goes for the losing teams. · The higher team alphabetically will be chosen to be on the blue side for the first game, and the lower team will get blue side when the second game is played. Leaving/AFK: If someone leaves a game for any reason and does not reconnect, they will be given a 2-night suspension from the ADL. The player may appeal the suspension with an ADL Staff member if there was a legitimate reason for the disconnect. However, all appeals must happen at least 24 hours before the next ADL event. You also may only appeal a disconnect once per season. Pausing: Players may pause the game for UP TO 10 minutes if a player on their team is having connection issues. PLAYERS MUST INFORM AN ADL STAFF MEMBER IF A GAME IS PAUSED. If the reason cannot be resolved in 10 minutes, the team whose player disconnected will concede the match. If the enemy team agrees, they may also use their 10-minute pause to give the other team more time. Teams only get two pauses per game. Replacement Players: Player replacement will be handled the same as in previous seasons. A player may be replaced by another player of the same rank or lower, provided both teams agree to the replacement. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So that’s it folks. Thank you for sticking through the whole announcement, we understand it is somewhat lengthy, however the information had to be provided. You are now ready for the 10th season of the ADL! If you have any questions feel free to contact vVv Eternal See you on Friday, August 19th at 8:55pm EST/5:55pm PST! ADL Staff: vVv Eternal
  8. G2 and Splyce really surprised me this split, from what I watched of it at least. Im figuring that G2 will probably take it though.
  9. It's been a while since I posted something on here, and I have a few new clips to share so here's one of them Maybe some more people can post some of their gameplays in the future, and we can make a community thing out of it.
  10. That's how I felt last split... then the finals happened.
  11. Eternal


    My Boy Bwill! vVv Eternal: Gold V Top and Mid: GP and Lux Two Trick
  12. I've been playing Vik alot more lately since he got reworked, and he feels a lot stronger now. I think he might even be better than the preseason at this point, and this is a good example of that. Not quite so much burst, but if you can set up the W R combo right people just melt.
  13. The most intense skirmishy team fight that I have seen in a long time. Haven't posted in a long time because of school, and thought that this would make a nice post

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