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    vVv DarkDante got a reaction from N0thinButTheRain in Overwatch Community Game Nights!   
    Wish this was on another set of nights  Coach Soccer Tuesday and Thursday. Add me (DarkDante#1839), usually play after 7PM PT
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    vVv DarkDante reacted to vVv Saturn in High Level Stomp   
    hours played =/ skill
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    vVv DarkDante reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Overwatch Launches Today!   
    Downloaded it and played a bit last night. Mostly Genji, and a bit of Hanzo. Played a little Winston tonight. Uninstalled TF2, this is the game TF2 should have been 10 years ago.
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    vVv DarkDante reacted to vVv Pherzghul in Overwatch Launches Today!   
    Release date is TODAY! I will be around TS to get some games going Check out the image below to see when servers open at your time zone.

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    vVv DarkDante got a reaction from BigJus240 in BigMeech resignation   
    Good Luck!! Health is far more important then vVv or gaming.
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    vVv DarkDante got a reaction from IRGRL in One of the vVv GW2 founding fathers is considering a return   
    Got everything installed, will see about popping in this evening sometime.
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    vVv DarkDante reacted to Blazek in WoW Guild   
    I'd like to agree, however that really isn't the case as long as they continue to cater to the casual. LFR's/Pet battles/BG's all allow people to have some fairly mindless fun and for many that have invested a lot of time, they really don't want to start over with a new game. For the more hardcore, Arenas/RBGs/Raids continue to be challenging and provide these people with something to do (even if it is farming the same raid until the next one comes out) and finally (sadly) nothing has come out that can touch it as many developers since 2005 saw the success of WoW and tried to emulate it without making enough change to draw an audience; and with a lack of polish that a older game had time to do, they mostly all fail.
    Perhaps with the failure of SWToR we will finally get some unique MMO games again (Camelot Unchained, ArcheAge, perhaps even FFXIV if they can get everything they have planned into the game quickly) but until then, WoW's time wil not pass.
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    vVv DarkDante got a reaction from DBittencourt in Dungeon Weekends!   
    Its high time we get some dungeon clearing groups together for both Story Mode and Explorer Modes. Personally have only completed 2 Story Modes and 1 Explorer path, not acceptable

    I'll be running dungeons every Sat / Sun starting this weekend at 2PM EST (11AM PST) and going until we either drop or wvw starts. The objective is not to farm dungeons but to complete as many Story Modes / Explorer Modes in various dungeons as possible.

    If you are interested in completing dungeons then please be online prior to 2PM EST, in mumble and ready to role. Seeing as we are limited to 5 per group I'll also be looking for others to run dungeons as well, so if your interested in leading some dungeon runs then please PM me.

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    vVv DarkDante reacted to vVv RobZ in Good free video editing software   
    I'll PM you the full version of Sony Vegas when I get home. Anyone else that wants the link PM me and I'll hook you up. (Free, full version, unlocked)
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    vVv DarkDante got a reaction from DBittencourt in Level 30 & 40 Dungeons   
    Now that the game has officially been out for a week (+3 days of head start) it's time to start clearing some dungeons

    I know some of us are well beyond the level 30 & 40 dungeons, but some of us are not that hard core and in no hurry to reach max level.

    I'll be running the level 30 & 40 dungeon the next couple of evenings around 8PM EST, just send me a /w in game and lets get rolling. If we have a huge turn out then I'll split up the groups so we all can tromp through the dungeons.

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    vVv DarkDante reacted to Seiryss in GW2 Community Meeting 9/9/12   
    I will be there! I look forward to these GW2 Community meetings, thanks for setting it up DD.
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    vVv DarkDante reacted to Ockiral in Off to LordJerith's and Doomhammer's   
    I will be headed to pick up spike and visit Jerry and Jordan this weekend( 31-3) I will have my computer on me but I doubt I will be posted on it like normal.

    5 hours in the car with spike and this comes to mind
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    vVv DarkDante got a reaction from DBittencourt in In Game Recruitment   
    Okay folks, I have seen a few 'Invite XyZ to the guild' in guild chat last night, just want to point one key point out.


    You are responsible and required to ensure
    They setup and get on mumble [http://www.vvv-gamin...-set-up-mumble/]
    They properly fill out an application []http://vvv-gaming.com/gw2]
    Make an introduction post [http://www.vvv-gamin...-to-vvv-gaming/]

    Have any questions please speak to one of the guild leaders.

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    vVv DarkDante got a reaction from DBittencourt in What are your PLANS?   
    Did all that except crafting, had the same issue in all the BWE's.. completed a zone and could not progress due to my level. Reported each and every time

    Maybe I am so fucking pro at the game that I am ahead of the game ;-P
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    vVv DarkDante got a reaction from Fearless (ex vVv) in Pretty Bold Statement...   
    Not taking sides, just being open minded. Is his approach wrong? taking a step back, to me it looks like an open debate. Good open healthy debate, while keeping your ego and maturity level in check is good for any community. Yes, he brings up some good points and asks questions not seeing any personal attacks or attacks towards vVv and its community.

    Open debate requires an open mind
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    vVv DarkDante got a reaction from Kokkaku in Word of warning! Get an mmo mouse!   
    I'll post a pick of my awesome gateway 2 button ball mouse later.. its FUCKING EPIC!! .....
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    vVv DarkDante got a reaction from Cesrae in G4TV has a great preview of WvW   
    Snagged from GW2's FB page

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    vVv DarkDante got a reaction from Bourneready in May the Darkness be with you - DarkDante GW2 Officer App.   
    For me the main thing that sticks out is my past experience co-leading a highly competitive GW1 GvG division, Setting the goals for the division on a weekly/monthly basis. Goals that help motivate and create a competitive nature, goals that can be measured and monitored. These goals should not be forced upon its members but instead be agreed to by them, this in itself will give a sense of togetherness and members will be more likely and willing to help the division achieve its goals.

    Good leaders lead by example not by telling others what to-do, while in the Navy I was given the role LPO (Leader petty Officer) which basically means I was the Senior PO (Petty officer) in my division and thus in charge of 12 Junior shipman. Before leaving the previous LPO wrote the following on a piece of paper and told me to carry it at all times: "A leader can shape his followers best by showing them the way forward rather than telling them about it." Those few words are so powerful when you think about it, youth these days rarely listen especially when being told what to-do or being 'lectured'. Instead of barking at them show them how they should act and conduct themselves by your actions.

    Playing BETA? lets get together and learn the ropes of GW2.
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    vVv DarkDante got a reaction from Corza in GameInformer's review of GW2   

    (30 min video)
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    vVv DarkDante got a reaction from admireHeege in My AFKness   
    Sorry I have not bee in game much, over the past few weeks most of my free time has been sucked dry by working on a new vVv team page and administration for the home page.

    Please do not boot my toons from the guild [they all have DarkDante in the character note]

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    vVv DarkDante got a reaction from admireHeege in Gearing up for Raids   
    Doubt much will be done unless we set a day / time to meet.

    So, when can you be online to run some T1/T2 instances?

    I am available M-W-F from 8PM server to 10PM server sometimes I can roll till 11PM server.

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    vVv DarkDante got a reaction from DapoXetine in Why the developers love Guild Wars 2   

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