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  1. Have not tried it, looking forward to Division 2. Anyone playing BFV on PC?
  2. were in Cuse? I waw born and raised in Cuse, went to Henniger High
  3. Group size is fine, 5 people doing Underground or other PVE activities with the right group setup works. PVP (DZ) is fun as well with 5. Have played the game since release solo and with groups, the major issue with the game (for me) is the exploits and bugs that go unresolved as they add new content.
  4. Right now Monday / Wednesday / Friday .. weekends are sporadic at best with soccer tournaments and games.
  5. Wish this was on another set of nights Coach Soccer Tuesday and Thursday. Add me (DarkDante#1839), usually play after 7PM PT
  6. Bit of rocky start, was unable to get in game until around 4:30PT. Played a few rounds, felt laggy at times. Hopefully things stabilize
  7. Good Luck! My daughter is going to Fairfield University next year for Nursing
  8. State of Game 12/05/2016 NO CHANGES THIS WEEK Weapon Talent Balance/Tweaking (won't land in 1.2) 1.2 Changes confirmed (some at least) Sentry Bug fixed in 1.2 (occurs when you get close to a player that has applied the sentry "mark" to you previously) Same as gas grenade bug NB. this isnt the only bug thats occuring with Sentry's.... Brutal - currently is multiplicative (changing to additive instead) Balanced - works on first bullet only after shouldering Sentry 4 set piece being tweaked (will only work with Semi-automatic weapons eg Pistol/Shotgun/Marksman Rifle) Set pieces (bonuses) will work with "Specific Weapons" where applicable New set pieces coming in 1.2 Reckless chest fixed Talent stacking fixed in 1.2 (so still works in current game) Performance Gear Mods being buffed New stat - Toughness in 1.2 will be bundled stat that combines Armour/Stamina Armor cap increased to 75% (so using 4560/65*75=5262aprx) Phoenix Credits - double cap - 2k Hinted 1.2 arriving next week on a couple of occasions.....
  9. Was able to play a few hours Friday evening, was fun had a good time. I pre-ordered so looks like I'll be playing at launch boy do I need practice, so many heros I suck at *lol*
  10. Looks like Massive is taking a stand against hackers.
  11. Yes, they pushed a server side hot fix but two talents can still be exploited. Right now I am reducing my gear score to sub 161 and enjoying playing the sub 161 GS DZ bracket, rolled through DZ for about ~4 hours yesterday without a single hacking / exploit issue. Was the most fun I have had in the DZ since Open BETA.
  12. I would avoid doing DZ until current exploits are resolved. As it is, one can easily get over 1 million damage and one shot everything that moves. Have been very frustrated the past few days and finally decided to-do some searching and what I found is disgusting! Have seen a video were a player enters Challenge Mode Incursion and proceeds to ONE SHOT the APC, very very sad times for this game.
  13. Playing daily since launch, currently have completed 100% of PVE and sitting at DZ rank 56. Have ran into a few hackers in DZ, but nothing a quick exit DZ and re-enter to get a new instance cant handle. Have posted a couple of videos and personally feel that Massive is making strides to get a grip on the hackers.
  14. I pre-ordered just after the end of the last BETA can't wait to hop in game
  15. Been out of the loop for a few weeks, had an SSD in my ROG laptop shit the bed. Finally got a replacement ordered and hopefully I'll be re-installed and ready to frag shiz by next weekend (1/23)

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