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  1. Do we have a new accurate list? Would be nice to go looking for something reliable, as I have heard the rewards and bonus stuff you get from these EASTEREGGS is amazing
  2. Hey Mav... you old PVP addict ... nice to see you in SWTOR
  3. Yeah that would be great.... and btw I like your Spec btw, do you know anybody with a cool Assasine Spec ?
  4. I give this is a PVP built as you use a lot of Stuns and such, correct? Just an observation, Force Lightnuing is your Range Skill, once your target gets away you will use that skill alot... if you can bring that up to do MAX DPS at which ever level you are at ... then that would be a plus on my book
  5. >Hi there first of all nice run down on the Marauder trees Lets see, you would run this built for PVP, but would it work for end game content such as RAIDs? or would you need to go with that into the Annihilation tree all the way up? In Rift you could switch your templates,.... here you stuck with one either for PVP or PVE....as end game and RAIDs are PVE I have some concerns to go with a PVP built Could you give me some feedback on the PVE portion of Marauder please? Thanks in advance
  6. Delete the Tabs, and only leave the Original GENERAL tab. Then recreate those you have deleted. Lag on Full Servers has been reported to be an issue. when you have large clusters of people in one location. Still give it a couple days as there will be a patch comming that will address Frame Rate in Warzones and Raids* (Raids aka Flashpoints).
  7. Welcome Man hope you make yourself a Home here...
  8. Well let me tell you ... I was able to create my little Sith Assasine get him to around level 12 and now the queve is so stupid that I cannot play with you guys... 90 minutes + is normal lately when I come home from work. Now if you say ok, I will just watch a movie and wait.... you are wrong as you will get not into the game for being AFK. So the waiting starts over. Not cool. So I hope this settles down as I want to play with vVv and all the people I know
  9. Want to go ahead of time and calculate you advanced Skill trees to plan ahead? Maybe even compare templates and what each road brings your warrior in the future? Then the time of waiting is over... just follow the link below http://www.swtor-spy.com/skill-tree-calculator/
  10. Confirmed the locations on these are wrong .... most have been relocated for Live Game release. If you want the real locations I found some videos on YOUTUBE which are spot on. I hope this clears stuff up. Enjoy
  11. I Vote for "Loot-horing" just who yells the loudest on Mumble get the loot... LOL WHAT A CHAOS on my dear god.... well any system works if all members are ok with it. The issue is that everybody looks at a system in a different way due to many different bits and pieces. Lets say for one, Jerith, full time Ops guy with real life work, this vVv organzation, wife, kids, cat, dog and what not. The same happens to me, except for the cat, the dog and the wife and kids. But I have 2 wonderful Royal Pythons (ok ok I am side tracking here) but Full Time job, and a real life with friends... and my second obsession ... HOCKEY (Go Florida Panthers). Now if I pay in an MMO x amount of $$ to play with a bunch of cool people, but get pissed off because I missed out on one or 2 Raids and will loose for it 20% EP/GP or DKP the next time I will have time to RAID I am at the bottom of the loot list. If this happens due to real life issue more often then not even the new guy that was a level 10 when I started running Raids has now a full set of PURPLE stuff. At this point is where our system would fail due to the simple factor of frustration. I agree that the EP /GP is fair and great... but is it really that great over time? Nonethless we are here to have fun, if our only concern is progression and loot-horing then maybe we should be moving on to something else... afterall this should be amazing fun and what ever we vote for should be fair for the casual gamer, hardcore gamer or a mix. I think EP/GP would be fair if that doens't destroy the fun for the entire group.
  12. Hi there, I am Zphinx.... have been playing in vVv since Rift (another MMO)... once upon a time I also started and stated that I never played a MMO before. that was in Ultima Online (its last few days) and then Star Wars Galaxies. I would be happy to help you out in anything you need if you decide to join our server and team. Just remember, I have a full time job... so I will not be able to be a 23 x 7 gamer ..... but I will be there for you to get started and get the hang of it.
  13. Now here is the $10000000 question, do we have already someone working on Templates aka Builts?

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