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  1. Awesome I can actually help you with one specific for CoD division I'd youd like. Get on a call with one of staff as well.
  2. Glad I can help my friend. As one vet to another you have a passion for CoD I never think I can match and I know you'll continue to do good. I can get behind you and support any way possible! The meeting was very productive! Also the attachment does not work. I'll be happy to share with anyone if they request it
  3. I just started experimenting with the MP7 class via the Bengal. Swapped scope for sleight of hand.
  4. I feel my communication is great in terms of keeping consistent but I agree I need to learn the maps more and the objectives: - Hardpoint rotations - Map area names - Knowing when spawns switch - Not only watch major matches but scrims of pro teams. Subliners has some good videos of class set ups, map awareness. And spots to take advantage of.
  5. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/vVvBizkit Twitter - https://twitter.com/vVv_Bizkit?s=09 IG - https://www.instagram.com/theodere_a_m
  6. Its be a while my friend. Welcome back
  7. Congrats brotha!!!! Well deserved. Be seeing you Twitter 👀
  8. This job robs my time off lol low key PTSD. And let me know if you want a discount
  9. Agreed as well Excellent work on the concept designs leading up to this.
  10. Galaxy S9 and S10 Plus. - Voted most beautiful display - Permanent blue bubbles in messages - Now (after past events) safest battery - Paid $13B by apple to use our screens - Now best rated camera on social media alongside raw images alongside Pixel phone series - Can use my phone to charge other phones, watches, headphones. - Best gaming phone out next to razor and getting contracted with xbox and steam to stream games. - Contracting with gears of war soon. - 12 GB of RAM and standard 128GB storage up to 1 TB base storage. - Google duo cross platform face time. - USB-C master race. - Much better bang for buck with 3 price ranges. - Voted most secure device too with contracts in DOD till recently.
  11. For the inner eagle logo, could we take away the circle in our current logo and use that to fill the center instead?

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