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    Halo series, Call of Duty series, Killzone series, metal gear solid 4, League of Legends, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Super street fighter 4, Mass Effect Series, Kingdom Hearts Series
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    Enders Game, Hunger Games, Lord of the rings trilogy and Hobit, Lone Survivor.
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    By genre: Anything techno, Metal, Rock, Violin, Piano, and everything inbetween aside from country.
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    Cars, Mentorship, Life coaching, Personal Development, Leadership, Gaming, Traveling

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  1. Its be a while my friend. Welcome back
  2. Congrats brotha!!!! Well deserved. Be seeing you Twitter 👀
  3. This job robs my time off lol low key PTSD. And let me know if you want a discount
  4. Agreed as well Excellent work on the concept designs leading up to this.
  5. Galaxy S9 and S10 Plus. - Voted most beautiful display - Permanent blue bubbles in messages - Now (after past events) safest battery - Paid $13B by apple to use our screens - Now best rated camera on social media alongside raw images alongside Pixel phone series - Can use my phone to charge other phones, watches, headphones. - Best gaming phone out next to razor and getting contracted with xbox and steam to stream games. - Contracting with gears of war soon. - 12 GB of RAM and standard 128GB storage up to 1 TB base storage. - Google duo cross platform face time. - USB-C master race. - Much better bang for buck with 3 price ranges. - Voted most secure device too with contracts in DOD till recently.
  6. For the inner eagle logo, could we take away the circle in our current logo and use that to fill the center instead?
  7. Crapola lol I gotta change mine soon
  8. Excellent post! Glad we been best friends through all these years and seeing you go through all these amazing changes. Heres mine: Where am I today?: I am 24 also turning 25 in March. Living out of NYC in my wonderful 4 bedroom 2 bathroom place . Always traveling at least 8-11 times a year now. Since my time in vVv back in 2011 I went from being a junior in H.S living in FL, to living with my grandparents in upstate NY to now my own place in NYC. Lots of growth. Do I still game?: I do!! A lot less than previous years but increasingly on mobile for certain AMAZING STUPENDOUS reasons I legally cant disclose yet. And also reliving my childhood on Kingdom Hearts 3. Soon I'll be deep diving into gaming again. What platform do I mainly play on now?: I mainly play on xbox and mobile with some tabletop. What do I do for work?: Currently today I am a Field Sales Manager for Samsung Electronics America in which thankfully in 2 years time I'll be walking away from it retired as I have a growing business in mentorship and life coaching helping become a leader that develops leaders. Did your time in vVv affect where you are at today? If so, then how? It absolutely has!!! I have failed twice as a division manager but succeeded many times in being a community family member. I even through my failures failed forward and with Jerry's guidance, flying me out to see him twice, meeting people like Shadow, Nikki, and Arkaine I at a young age got a true progressive start in genuine friendship and leadership whilst managing ambiguity delivering results even without clear direction. Every event I attended, every new initiative we made as a staff and community, every interaction I've had on here translated these acquired skills into my current job and further more my legacy building business. vVv is still on my resume till this day haha. Forever grateful for what vVv has taught me!!
  9. vVv B1zkit

    Eddie's App

    Building relationships in vVv like he build forts in fortnite. Always appreciate the activity you have on here and being a positive soul. Great stuff
  10. vVv B1zkit

    Beerdo returns.

    Another familiar face and name joins the battle. Welcome back buddy

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