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  1. Today I won an NJ Local Tournament! It was just a small tournament. However, the cool thing for me, is that I was able to beat Salem in GFs!

  2. Gane un torneo en New Jersey hoy, uno chiquitito, pero lo bakan fue que le pude ganar a Salem 6-0 en las finales!

  3. I need to get ANTi's controller, however, he is really far away. Any Smashers around his area that can bring me the controller while they're attending this weekends tournament?

  4. Good night/buenas noches a todos!

  5. I would like to thank everyone for their donations at the Apex Venue. Now, the money was supposedly for me to buy an Xbox (I sold my xbox along with other things to attend Apex) HOWEVER, I am going to use that money to buy my friend a Nintendo Wii console. He's one of my best friends, I've shared MANY experiences with him over the past couple years. He cheered me up one every single way for the tournament, watched the stream for several hours with hopes to see me play and left me several mess...

  6. Me quedare una semana mas en USA. Es demasiado genial aqui como para irme =)

  7. Muchisimas gracias a todos mis amigos y familiares que me apoyaron en esta experiencia. Lamento no haber ganado =(, Pero, la proxima siii!

  8. Just spent a whole day playing with Mew2King, Xzax and Atomsk. So many MK dittos, oh my gawsh. Jason Zimmerman is by far the best player I have ever played in my smash career. I learn so much by playing him, watching him and talking to him. It-s awesome. One mistake, and youre done, GG. I did very well today. Everyday I-m getting better! Cant wait for Apex Tournament Series

  9. I favorited a @YouTube video http://t.co/bVIFIppT Pokerap Parody (german)

  10. En Philadelphia, USA. Jugue con Xzax, Atomsk, ChiboSempai, KingToon e Inui. La diferencia de niveles es tremenda, y atomsk es muy pro. Salio todo bien en inmigracion, y ahora a practicar todo lo posible para el Apex!

  11. Y nos vamos a USA, a jugar en el Apex 2012! SALUDOS A TODOS, y nos veremos pronto Chilito!

  12. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Thanks for everything! Mark Korsak Rudolph Vex Kasrani Straiton IV Trevor Hirschen Paul AppleJack Mitchell Jerry Prochazka Dakota Lasky William Michael Walsh Lucas Inui DeLorenzo Johnathan Lugo Jason Zimmerman

  13. Mark Korsak Rudolph Vex Kasrani Straiton IV Trevor Hirschen I can now send International Text Messages. I will text you guys in case anything happens or changes.

  14. Packing my stuff, and printing some last-minute things for #Apex2012 @apex_series while listening to @MetroidMetal

  15. I favorited a @YouTube videofrom @TGStation http://t.co/YH8sXcdo THE STREET FIGHTER Episode 6

  16. Getting ready in every single possible way for @apex_series Just 4 days until I leave! #Cantwait #Apex2012 #Brawl

  17. I liked a @YouTube videofrom @vVv_ChiboSempai http://t.co/v5xAyhib Since When Did Game Manuals Become

  18. La evolución de Super Mario Bros. | Interactivo | LA TERCERA http://t.co/MigdPbLx vía @latercera @klao_mk

  19. Amazing stuff! *Practicing*(@YouTube http://t.co/1j6j4SLi)

  20. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/bna0Xkxc This is why I love Meta Knight

  21. Merry Christmas everyone! :D I hope that all your wishes come true!

  22. This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend with Internet Memes! So sweeeeet! :Dhttp://t.co/RDeXMPRP

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