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  1. Bump. Finished the application.
  2. Name: Matthew Spaulding Age: 17 Location: Ringgold, Georgia Summoner Name: lolwhatyourface, TCOMG Killzmane What is your current division in Ranked?: Bronze 1. Inactivity kills. Was Gold. Have you ever been banned in-game? If so, why?: No, I have not. What is your favorite champion and role? Why?: Lee Sin is my favorite champion. He's got a pretty nasty gap closer with Q, and a semi-gap closer in his w, or a disengage with his w. His jungling is easy with his q, and quicker with his ability to jump through the walls. Also, with the ult, I can flash, kick, and drop someone important right in front of my heavy damage dealers. A cool thing about Lee Sin that I like too, is if you fall behind, or have to build tanky in some way, he can still deal a solid amount of damage and be useful with his ult and gap closers and shield. How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom?: Not really. I used to be on Staff for vVv, I wrote, did spotlight interviews, etc., but I was not very good at managing my time at a younger age. I was much more irresponsible haha. Though, I guess, originally what brought me to vVv was when I was playing Call of Duty 4 competitively and vVv Cubed used to dominate just about everything. Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How do you know them?: Oh lord. I know a lot of people in vVv. Sugarbear, JayC, Tak, Doomhammer, Buzz (not sure if he's even here anymore), LordJerith, the list goes on for a while. Again, I know them because I was previously on Staff. Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming?: I was a part of vVv at one point in time, doing something I love, which is writing. I was much more irresponsible then though, and became inactive and was removed from not only Staff, but the community as a whole. I love this community, and constantly having someone to play games with, really no matter what game it is. vVv as a whole has always been run so well, and the community is always so amazing. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming?: My "hobbies" pretty much boil down to one thing. That's playing basketball. I play for my school, and so we constantly have stuff going on, so outside of gaming it's pretty much basketball. I also LOVE to write. It's one of my favorite things on earth, and the reason I joined vVv in the first place. Only, like I said, at that point in time I didn't really understand responsibilities to well. Also, I help lead the Blue Nation for my school. The student section at football games. We get painted up and what not. It's quite awesome. Do you have competitive tournament experience?: In Call of Duty 4, yes. I played in many CEVO tournaments and leagues. I was very competitive then. When I was even younger than my Call of Duty 4 days, I played Quake 3, the FreezeDT mod on my dad's team competitively. It was called Mr, standing for Maximum Risk. We played in fraggednation leagues, and worldogl leagues. Have you attended any national events?: None of any importance, no. What do you hope to achieve, competitively?: Competitively, in league? Not much. I would like to get diamond or so and play in some really competitive online tournaments. As far as going pro or anything like that, I have no interest. I have other aspirations in life that I believe are better for me.
  4. No. Lol. That pink taric!
  5. Killzmane

    Makuly's Application

    Someone get this guy an interview.
  6. Killzmane

    Makuly's Application

    Add this guy to the team. He is currently coaching me, and as such I recommended him here, since he needed a team to practice with. Great guy, really smart, and knows what he is talking about. He's a great coach!
  7. New phone! Xperia play. How freaking cool can something get?

  8. Killzmane

    Thankful for vVv!

    This year; one of the things I'm thankful is none other than... vVv, umm duh, especially LordJerith. But, it's not just because they are here to play games with, and that they're just a great group of guys and gals, though those things help. It's actually because no matter how my real life is going, or how it dampens my ability to do the things I need to do for vVv, they always have my spot open for me when things settle down. Hopefully, with how things are going now, I'll be much more active, and have the ability to do much more for the vVv Family that I love so much. Now, on to LordJerith. I'm thankful for him as he is always around to talk to about family problems when no one else around, including real life friends due to their immaturity and other such nuisances, is willing to just chill and talk. Thank you LordJerith, I appreciate it. Expect me to keep my work load up and consistently completing tasks from this point on for you guys. --- Recap: Thanks to LordJerith and vVv in general. You guys are great! --- Written kind of fast, as I now have to leave to go eat grandparents, etc. Have a good thanksgiving everyone whether you're vVv or not! Though, if you're reading this you better be or be becoming part of vVv, or I'll hunt you down.
  9. Behind the Player: vVv Zero --- Released: http://t.co/uaKfkNW2

  10. - vVv Zero * vVv Zero Twitter * * vVv Zero Facebook * --- vVv Killzmane: Tell the community a little about yourself. vVv Zero: I’m a high school student that studies at home. I live in South America, Chile, Chillan. I live with my mom, my two dogs (Maxi and Copo) and my mom’s cat (Bandido). I’m a very social person that’s always down to do anything. Hang out with my friends, read a book, watch a movie or take my dogs to a walk. --- vVv Killzmane: As we all know, you play Super Smash Brothers Brawl. What made you choose the Brawl fighting style game over a First Person Shooter like Halo, or a Real-time Strategy game like StarCraft 2? vVv Zero: I love Nintendo and its characters. And for me, every Nintendo game has a “magic sparkle” on them. I also love the soundtrack of every Smash game. - --- vVv Killzmane: Have you ever played another game competitively? vVv Zero: I played Halo 3 & Reach competitively. I love the competitive community of Halo and the skill that Halo takes to be played at a high level of competition. --- vVv Killzmane: You are Chilean so; tell us, have you ever competed outside of Chile? vVv Zero: Not yet. But I’m planning to attend Apex 2012 with the awesome help of vVv Gaming. --- vVv Killzmane: What are the best competitions you’ve been too, whether the reasoning be, simply the venue, or how you placed? vVv Zero: The 1st and 2nd National Tournaments were AMAZING. Playing the Melee grand finals with 150 people watching was AWESOME, so much hype! And winning Brawl Singles & Doubles for the 2nd National tournament felt AMAZING. --- vVv Killzmane: Who do you think your biggest competition is in and outside of Chile? vVv Zero: Inside of Chile: My best friend, Iori. He knows EXACTLY how I play. Outside: Ally, Mew2King, Anti, Brood, 9B, Mr R, Leon. They are AMAZING players. --- vVv Killzmane: What kind of preparation do you think it takes to place high at the most prestigious brawl tournaments? vVv Zero: Practice, practice and more practice. Not only in the game, but also outside of the game. You have to be ready for EVERYTHING in a tournament. No excuses. - --- vVv Killzmane: If it becomes clear to that a really known, good, and talented player will be at a tournament you are soon attending, do you ever prepare, particularly, for that player, or is it just preparing for the match-up? vVv Zero: Yes, always. I practice for the player and the match up. I watch tons of videos of that player and I study a LOT how that player plays before the tournament. --- vVv Killzmane: Do you play any other games casually? vVv Zero: Sometimes. It depends on how much I’m practicing, or if I’m just really bored. Games like Ace Attorney and Halo are quite common. --- vVv Killzmane: Aside from the obvious, what is your favorite genre of games? vVv Zero: I don't have a favorite genre in video games. ¡I'm down for anything! --- vVv Killzmane: As a member of vVv, what are your responsibilities to team, and how do you go about accomplishing these tasks? vVv Zero: As a Smash player, I have to: Take great pictures at every tournament, place well at every tournament, and then write a good blog summarizing the tournament. --- vVv Killzmane: Thanks for spending the time to answer a few questions for this interview. Are there any final things you’d like to save, or shout-outs you’d like to give? vVv Zero: Thanks for having me, and yes! I would like to give shout-outs to my Mom for supporting me on everything, and being a WONDERFUL mother. Shout-outs to my Sister, this is for you Paloma! Shout-outs to my friends, Felipe, Jose, Mauricio for being AWESOME friends all this time. Shout-outs to my aunts Jessica, Marcela and Ester for being the BESTS Aunts of all time! Shout-outs to EVERYONE that has housed me for a tournament; Rodrigo, Ivan, Marcos, Jaime, Miguel! Shout-outs to vVv Gaming for supporting me, and helping me to become a better player and person. Shout-outs to the vVv Smash members! Cheese, ChiboSempai, Pelca and Kirikou Rung. You guys are AWESOME! Shoutouts to the amazing vVv Gaming staff: LordJerith, DoomHammer, Exodus, SugarBear, Slauney and Voison! AMAZING people and staff. Shoutouts to Killzmane! Thanks for the interview! - --- Written and edited by: Matthew "Killzmane" Spaulding
  11. Please bear with me through this, Reasons for changes, numero uno (number one): School started back a couple weeks ago, and between school, football, and other stuff, it's tough for me to do ANYTHING throughout the weekdays. Reasons for changes, numero dos (number two): It's more convenient for me and makes me more reliable. What is changing? Times that Community Spotlights and Behind the Team/Players interviews will be published. Details? Community Spotlights will still be twice a month, only it will come out on Sunday's. Behind the (whatever) will be on a week-by-week basis depending on when/if I have one scheduled for that week. Will ALWAYS come out on Sundays though. Most likely, the Sundays at which no Community Spotlight is dated. Community Spotlights will be the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the Month. Months that have FIVE Sundays will have a Community Spotlight on the 1st and 4th Sundays of the month. That being said, Behind the Team/Players will be on: Months with four Sundays, 2nd and/or 4th Sundays. Months with five Sundays, 2nd and/or 3rd and/or 5th Sundays, again depending on if there is one scheduled. All other activities, and jobs I currently have will commence/resume/end on Saturdays. Outlook of my schedule: Can't do krap on Weekdays, basically. Weekends, filled with homework, some downtime, will be spent mostly on vVv from this point forward. Side Note: Understand for all Community Spotlightees, Behind the Playerees/Teamees that ALL interviews will be sent out as normal throughout the Weekdays, and Microphone interviews will be conducted on Saturdays. Thanks, vVv Killzmane Writing Staff.
  12. My apologies for the awful coding. I'm working on this new krap haha.

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