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  1. You could have the same process to get into vVv. And still have regular vVv teams going to competitions. An extremely good player could still be in vVv without going through the process of being a sponsored team. When I think sponsored team I am thinking something vVv would be willing to invest money and time into. I think vVv investment warrants a team that would be willing to show similar dedication. Maybe that is already there I don't know, I have not been in vVv for quite some time now.
  2. Exactly and that's what you want. Everyone that thinks its not worth it will just quit. Once its all said and done you left with a group that is completely dedicated to vVv. A group that thinks vVv and their team was worth it. Not something they can just drop and jump to another team to get.
  3. If you want to build a group of guys that stick together you need to make the challenge to get sponsored by vVv more challenging. Test them in a lot more areas than their gaming skill. Give them weekly assignments that require the whole team to work together on something that is not gaming. If you make it a pain in the ass to be a sponsored vVv team it might make people think twice about leaving. Sure you would also turn away some great gamers but that's what you want a weed out system. I would set it up almost borderline hazing. Make the teams come together by hating a common thing. Almost the same principle that fraternity and the military use. I know when i went through my fraternity I didn't know my pledge class but now 7 years later we are all still very close and keep in contact. It would be harder to do with younger aged gamers who live all over but if a method could be figured out it would create a bond and a one man is no man type of thinking.
  4. Nice, I am very impressed. Seems like people are putting in a lot of time and effort to grow vVv; Keep it up!!!
  5. Jerry you place looks like crap. You should clean it up a little bit.
  6. B Walk

    I TiKi I

    This was in the LGD shout box so it reads from bottom up. Looks like he wants to be in LGD bad. [Today 12:00 AM] I TiKi I: web [Yesterday 10:28 PM] Admin:LGD webmaster7: please go to http://gameovergaming.com/pro/ to and post a tryout in the bootcamp area [Yesterday 10:27 PM] Admin:LGD webmaster7: yes i am [Yesterday 06:58 PM] I TiKi I: will anyone? [Yesterday 11:20 AM] LGD Member:LGD AFI: Nobody is playing COD4 right now in LGD [Yesterday 08:46 AM] I TiKi I: ill hopefully be buying it soon [Yesterday 08:43 AM] I TiKi I: nm im trying to get cod4 bad lol and want to be and LGD member bad lol [11-07-2007 11:14 PM] Admin:LGD webmaster7: so whats up tiki [11-07-2007 06:54 PM] I TiKi I: yay [11-07-2007 01:10 AM] Admin:LGD webmaster7: out servers Harddrive Failed and they had to replave it no post or any thing should be lost thank god for the back up last night but we are back online!! [11-07-2007 01:09 AM] Admin:LGD webmaster7: and guys sorry for the outage today [11-07-2007 01:09 AM] Admin:LGD webmaster7: yes [11-05-2007 08:42 PM] I TiKi I: you there? [11-05-2007 08:42 PM] I TiKi I: webmster Clicked on the link and say Tiki App 1. I Tiki I 2. I have been playing Xbox since it came out i played GHTP competitavely and won around 300 dollars. I also played 360 since it came out. 3. I played with vVv and my onw squad i made for Rainbow 4. LGD Webmaster, and LGD Episode. 5. I was referred by webmaster. 6. I want to take my game to the next level of MLG gaming and LGd can do that. 7. 16/single/student 8. November 1st 2007 LGD website. 9. I mainly want to attend MLG and LAN events. 10. I attended MLG Dallas in 07 and some local lans. 11.COD4, RB6LV 12. COD4 I TiKi I Ok i have been a serious gamer in Rainbow Six Vegas attending MLG Dallas i played well fell short of top 16 by one match. I think skill wise im there for sure the game im looking to play is Halo3 more than anything my leadership is amazing i keep people in line and i hate to lose which everyone should. I want to pursue MLG more by attending all the following events in the 08 season. Way of contacts aim- tigers31892 or mesage on xbl my gamertag is I TiKi I thank you for reading my application if you need more information pleze ask and i wil give. Reply With Quote
  7. B Walk

    vVv DeFiAnT

    There seemed to be drama when you were on the rainbow team. Plus you open a slippery slop if you let one back in. You open the gates you do it once where do you cut it off and stop it? Or can now everyone apply to get back in? Do other people even play forza in vVv?
  8. B Walk

    SyNthetiK nOk

    GL with tryouts hope to see you on live.
  9. Anyone else watching the rb6vegas stuff. Makes me wish I went. XBLB are in the final round, I hope Kgetz wins it all. I also think myths line up is interesting. I knew the picked up stop n go but the also had corvette mike from efx.
  10. You can go to the top of the screen right above the banner and click on members. Then if you scroll down you see a tab that says all members on the bottom. Change that to rb6 players and hit go. Or check out some of our threads in the forums. Like this one: http://vvv-gaming.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=522 You have to prove that you want to be on the team.
  11. Oh I see, for some reason I thought efx was going to the mlg live events. I don't know why I thought this though. Glad to see you looking at vVv. I look forward to playing with you. Good luck again, I hope it works out.
  12. So why did you leave efx and fear?
  13. I am a big fan of the links. Dont make me do the work if you have already done it. Also DeM1zE: Please provide us your contact information including: Name Age (minimum 14) Mailing Address Phone Number E-mail Address XBL Gamertag Also, please provide the following (if you do not use these free services, it will be required once you are a member): MySpace profile name and URL AIM Screen Name Skype Name
  14. So why did you leave efx and fear? Good luck with tryouts.

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