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    Sergio Xavier Reid
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    Upstate, New York
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    Gears Of War 1-3 (Hopefully)
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    Burgers, Fries, Salad, Pizza, Kool-Aid, Noodles, Spaggeti, Spanish Rice, Mexican Food, and McDonalds.
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    Action & Adventure, and Mostly Comedy.
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    A Day To Remember, Sum 41, Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins, DJ Blend, Arctic Monkeys, I Set My Friends On Fire, In The End, and Billy Talent.
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    I'm a casual gamer that used to be a memeber of the site. I play gears of war 2. Trying or planning on attending local and MLG lans for GOW3 if there even is any. I play gamebattles, as of right now and scrim on a daily basis. I play Varsity Lacrosse, run Cross Country, and I played baseball a little before highschool.
  1. Well. the 1st question could definatly give a better more detailed reason why your here and what you can do to add value. Meaning twitter, facebook, spreading the word, representing the site in a good way. 2nd question: All round 81 does is fascinate you? There definatly has to be more to that like a part you liked? (could be the whole read? or not) BTW THESE ARE JUST MY SUGGESTIONS NO OFFENSE. Adding value is an important aspect of being in vVv Gaming. How will you, personally, add value? To Help Gather People To This Community And To Win Tournys And Events With vVv In My Name Are you familiar with vVv's Geek to Me articles and Losers Bracket Podcast? If so, what are some of your favorites and why? Round 81 Becuase It Fascinates Me Going to be dead honest this application was rushed through. Take your time try making things neater, no spelling errors. It was very hard to read. You also need alot more details. All I read over and over was you wanting to travel.
  2. ULOCK

    UL0CK's GOW3 Application

    Thanks Haydon, Congrats to you too bro.
  3. PS: Wanna play GOW3 add my gamertag: UL0CK <--- That's a "0" not an "O" Good luck this app seems really good.
  4. ULOCK

    vVv Applicant, Respect

    Remember to stay active add colors to your application, and add colors to it so it's easier to read. Other then that it seems good. Stick round the time flys by fast. Twitter all that good stuff.
  5. Hey Klutch welcome to vVv try adding a picture to yourself, and add A LOT more details to your application it seemed kind of plain, try adding colors to show the difference between the questions and answers to make it easier for people to read. It's OKAY most new apps like myself made the mistake. Jus try to stay active on twiter, donate and add value to vVv as well as you can.. PS: Wanna play GOW3 add my gamertag: UL0CK <--- That's a "0" not an "O"
  6. Hey Mike to start thing's off I;d like to say welcome to vVv! You're application is much appreciated. PSHHH Drop some love on my app LOL (ULOCKS GOW3 APP) Anyway time for contructive critquing. You need to seperate your aplication from other applicnts try adding spaces between the question and answers, also try to color your answers and question in with diffferent colors so I can distinguish or atleast other people can making things easier to read. Make a twitter if yu dont already have one get active (re-tweet vVv stuff, look for scrims, basically just stay in the MLG, vVv, or esports loop. Okay, dude seems like I've covered pretty much all I can think of. Be sure to support UL0CK's application and you can also add me on XBL Live at UL0CK for scrims and public I'm every weekend.
  7. ULOCK

    Drama's Application

    good luck dude
  8. ULOCK

    Maliciouz App

    good luck dudeeee
  9. ULOCK

    Prest's Application

    Stay active on the website. good luck
  10. ULOCK

    VenniaL App

    good luck dude
  11. ULOCK

    Asylix App

    good luck dude
  12. ULOCK

    TRIPPY's App!

    Good luck dude fix your app it's rushed.

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