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  1. I have been watching a lot of League/Gamescon streams and also been playing Halo 1 believe or not. Pistol and Plasmas FTW =P
  2. Woot, only an hour and a half away i cant wait to play again
  3. http://pentakillapp.com/ You guys might be intrested if you have an iphone you can scan your enemey teams players and the app will show good counter champions aswell as good counter items according to the team setup
  4. Throughout all the beta weekends I was having so much fun with the necromancer whether it be the awesome elite skills they had access to or the all powerful death shroud mechanic. Recently in the past 2 stress tests I was playing an engineer and loved it to death, so it is going to be a hard choice as to which class I will be playing at launch but both the engineer and necro are very intricate and fun classes to play that I believe everyone should try
  5. Cant wait to play yet again, and we get to play our characters from BWE3, and the previous stress test =P
  6. Looks amazing, i want to get in the beta so bad =P
  7. signed up, if i get access you guys might have to call 911 because im not leaving my chair until i pass out
  8. I have found a lot of useful people here http://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc you should check it out
  9. Thanks Asylum. Great read and very helpful. cant wait to play with vVv and partake in some insane PvP.
  10. Thanks a lot Blazek. Very helpful post and great read.
  11. just signed up for beta, cant wait to try this game out, it looks amazing.
  12. I was really thinking about playing the elementalist, but after seeing how they are a big time support class i have been leaning more towards a ranger or warrior, i will probably play a ranger because imo pets pwn for leveling and solo
  13. dam, looks like im going to have to buy a PS3
  14. i think a tear just came to my eye when i saw the download time but none the less i am ready to start playing although it may take a couple months to download at my college
  15. i know ico and shadow of colossus are being re released, but does anyone know if they will be available for the PC?

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