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  1. Krow

    Krow's DotA 2 Application

    So can I use the shoutbox yet?
  2. You should be more than fine to stream. Easy 720p 1500kbs, if not even more.
  3. "Krow Plays League of Legends": http://t.co/5vYfZO7c

  4. Just to give an outlook on how popular DotA 2 is, it's currently in closed, invite only beta. You can look in real time, how many users are online. It remains top 10 24/7, of all steam games. http://store.steampowered.com/stats/
  5. How about Amped, Vagrance and I almost single-handedly making a community in the DotA 2 section as well as organizing and running our own league with little support?
  6. His Q damage with auto combo is a bit too strong... they need to very VERY slightly tweak them both. maybe 10 overall damage on both of them.
  7. #StopKony #Kony2012 Something that needs to be adressed, I will do my part to help, spreading the word as best I can.
  8. Krow

    Nikota Application

    Nikota's a cool guy, I wish you luck on your app my friend!
  9. I've played with Kaye for a long time, but I don't know if I can support this app. Those colors are hurting the hell out of my eyes
  10. Love ya Charcoal, real up and coming player here! Good luck on your app <3
  11. Krow

    Krow's DotA 2 Application

    I would decline, it's a position I don't deserve to be in. Vagrance deserves it most in my opinion, I'm just sort of the... weapon for his sinister plans.
  12. Krow

    Krow's DotA 2 Application

    There is no division manager right now.
  13. Krow

    Krow's DotA 2 Application

    Well if I remember right, I was here before you Plat
  14. Here's a good chart for all you guys someone posted up on the reddit. Thought it might settle some of the arguments here http://i.imgur.com/35l9W.jpg

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