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  1. Really looking forward to playing! Ready to merk some fools in pvpenor!!
  2. Playing quite a bit myself! Add me fellas: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TWERKULATOR . Got a good group of dudes going, possibly looking to do some CEVO.
  3. It's good to hear that they are acknowledging the problem exists and are taking the necessary steps to fix it!
  4. Good. I'm glad to hear there being proactive and listening to the community at the very least. This is a good start...
  5. Who's down to do some twerkulating aka PvP? I'll be running consistent groups like we did in Rift. Mumble is a must so get on ASAP (mic or not). Post up if your in and message me in game!
  6. Stats for the weapons, check it out fahzuls: http://i1112.photobucket.com/albums/k487/dcbrady12/MW3WeaponStats.jpg PEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAH!
  7. Warrior all day EVERY DAY! It's what I played competitively in GW1 and naturally I'm a boss at it.
  8. Word!!! Gonna be amazing.

  10. Sick!!!! Can't wait to smash some fools.
  11. I am ABSOLUTELY in for GW2. Played GW since beta and competed with several notable teams but the best of which was SB holding number one spot on guild ladder.
  12. TWERKULATE! Now that I got that out of the way, who wants to pvp? If you would be interested in consistently running pre-made warfronts and/or world pvp post up here. We can arrange times/days as needed. Also, get on mumble! It's crucial that were able to communicate effectively in PvP.
  13. m@vericK

    Rift: m@vericK

    Still here bro, been busy with uni+work. Just now getting time to play again.
  14. m@vericK

    Rift: m@vericK

    Thanks everybody, appreciate all the support. Hit 50 today, WHOOOOOO WANTS IT!!!
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