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  1. Well...here we go. See you all in a couple of days.

  2. The verdict is in, neck surgery on Friday. Im going to be layed up for two weeks. Just in time for the start of baseball season...YIPPY!!!

  3. I've yet to have a seady block of time to dedicate to chain running T1's, so my gear shows it. Though of the T1's Ive run, IT, KB and LH, I had zero issue tanking them. Been putting aside time to make Plat (for crafted tanking items), doing dailies (tanking trinket), and rift running. Current specs are: Tank. Toughness 77, Hit 102, Health 8300
  4. Making paper airplanes with the kids.

  5. Brannigan (50) - Warrior Tank - Hit 102, Toughness - 46
  6. After my neck MRI, the tech said, "You've lived with that for a month...poor guy." I'm guessing that's not good news...doh. Just fix it so I can start doing Jiu Jitsu again DAMNIT!!!

  7. Brannigan - Tank, hoping to hit 50 by this weekend.
  8. Brannigan is my in game name. Only ran one tonight, we just didnt have enough people interested in running instances tonight, I guess. Ill try again tommorow night.
  9. Well as of 7:45pm there is a 1 hour and 30 min queue time. So we will see how this goes.
  10. Ill start making it a point to getting in at least an hour of raiding in with the guild during the week. Friday and Saturday nights I'm wanting to dedicate to tanking guildies through instances, but if no one needs help, Ill go raiding, anything to help the guild out.
  11. Ok all that are interested, starting tonight at 8pm EST, I will be tanking instances all night. I will start with FC, and hopefully end with KB. Im currently lvl 34, and could be 36 by 8pm. I will Tank FC for all guildies that need it, then move to KB after everyone is done. If we have 5 ready before 8pm EST, and I am able to do it, Ill start running earlier. If we have more dps or healers that need it, and they are unable to find a tank, I will be rotating people out, so everyone in the guild can get their quests done and gains the experience of running those instances. Let's level our guildies and knock this out...go go go!!!
  12. For me Pally has been my best tank build. Ive been messing around with different builds, my current build is http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0cEhA.xE00o.xxRzs0Vs0M Im only lvl 34, but Ive had zero issues with AOE tanking (I never use CC) or losing threat. This build is best catored to my playstyle, so it may not work for everyone. In my humble opinion, tanking builds are going to be very individually based in this game according to one's playstyle. Im sure eventually there are going to be a "cookie cutter" template for Main Boss Tank, Main Off Tank, Main AoE Tank for raids. But you can do so much with diffent points and souls that there is still going to be enough points left over for an individual, playstyle build for everyone.
  13. Main: Brannigan (Warrior) Alt: None yet Mumble: Brannigan
  14. Ruptured a disk in my neck, out at least 4 to 6 weeks...great...

  15. Ive been doing BJJ and Muay Thai on and off for the last 4 years, but have been hardcore (3-5 times a week) for the past 5 months. Two weeks ago I ruptured a disk in my neck (Just in time for the Rift head start...lol) so I have to take time off of training, which sucks cause I was training for my first BJJ tourney. Anywho, hoping my neck heals fast so I can get back, I already miss it.

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