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    Hello to whom is reading. My name is Chad Breau, from Oakville, Ontario Canada. I've been gaming since 1988, started off with the iconic Mario Brothers on the original Nintendo. Over the years I've had some success in competitive gaming however, nothing major. As i've gotten older time seems to be of the importance and the competitive scene seems to be without reach.

    Gaming hasn't been my only competitive sport. I was a small boy back then. I joined hockey at the age of 4, and continued to play until I was injured in Canadian Junior C hockey at the age of 13. After being hit from behind I played several months more however, I eventually develop a fear of returning to the ice.

    Over the years of playing hockey I managed to set records. Ive won many minor hockey championships with teams, however my largest personal success as a team captain was winning the Winger Thompson Award in 2000. Scoring 98 goals and 64 assists in 30 games.

    Competitive nature is in my blood. I don't play video games to lose. I have drive to win ambition. This is why I have chosen vVv.
  1. do it!!!!!!!!! you kno i want 22222
  2. This speech is a history iconic moment for all loyal members. This speech is quality tone written in a way that would make any gamer want to be a part of THIS... Not only does the tone of this speech flow with passion, but the vibe is why we are successful as a organization. You personally created the motion in every gamer here. Its been a honor having someone this dedicated leading by example. Truly I wish you the best of luck in your journey of whichever direction it takes you. Thank you for being the creator of something great! This paragraph is inspiration for all new members involved with vVv. Know that, these words come with integrity and value. Upholding the vVv name is about respect and honor. Skill comes in many forms and not all members excel in the same area. Yours might be marketing such as Medusa, or words of inspiration such as Jerry. Gaming is nice, but what is important out of all mentioned throughout is, take pride in yourself for whom your with that has accomplished goals while you're here. Chad aka. Shepard
  3. If i only had the time... I wish the recipient the best of luck possible and congratulations! Jerry has built nothing but a better version of vVv then the time I once was a member. The only advice I can give is listen to every word he requests, and know where he's coming from.
  4. Developers will get their hands on anything they can to earn a buck. I know this because I am working towards that career. When a game is created naturally you will sell it for whatever price sounds good to you. Ive never played this game, I've have however seen the movies and we all know how well they are. Unfortunately terrible games get released in the end, however good ones are natural artists that understand the community. I promise to never make a bad game !!!
  5. Shepard

    Khaela's App

    This guy knows his stuff. He belongs in vVv!
  6. In that case I have no excuse to put some money away for the next event. I have a new goal!
  7. I wish events were more closer to Toronto,Canada so I can attend + Compete. I am willing to take my skill to console to prove I still got it !!!! Im glad to see everyone had a blast & congrats to everyone as well. In regards to the Call of Duty Issues, There are some things that are hard to understand, yet simple in the same process. Nothing will entirely be competitive with ANY Call of Duty Series in the future upcoming. Please understand the fact that until a offical from Activision gives the authority to TreyArch and InfinityWard to enable ModTools the game will remain non-competitive. I would love to go more into depth if people would like to know my reasons behind this. Thank you.
  8. Shepard

    Rift App - Wedge

    I've known Adam and his brother for 7 years now. They moved out west about 4 years ago, I haven't gotten the chance to fly out and fish;drink;party.. But, there nobody else Id rather do that with then these guys! They both know what hardcore gaming takes. @AdamCampbell - I would love to see your bother and His fiancee competing with vVv also, good luck on your application buddy. Make sure you read everything and understand it. If you have any questions you know where to find me.
  9. @Jerry Since I have not received a response from anyone in the community, with all due respect my I retrieve the rights from QuakeLive Support for vVv Gaming ?
  10. Shepard

    Rift - medpac

    I have spoken with Medpac, and had him introduce himself to the rest of applicants in the channel. I have absolutely no problems with this individual fighting for vVv. Welcome to vVv Medpac, good luck on your application.
  11. 21. Shepard / Rogue DPS& Bard / No ( YES ) currently @ 102 Hit

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