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  1. i should be able to confirm for saturday i have a breaker shift and those usually run 3 hours so i should make it online by 3:30
  2. Ill be around to push PvE. I have mostly all T1/ T2 and some T1 tanking gear
  3. Drin is an awesome mage. One of the best chloros i have the privelege to group with and have done T2's and T1's with the guy and rarely fail. I highly recommend Drin for vVv
  4. Updating because i just recently got 50 toughness for my rogue tank spec, and my hit for my dps specs are currently at 150
  5. im a 50 Rogue... I have a Sin/NB build, A bard/ Sab build and a riftstalker build for tanking my schedule varies but ill be on as much as i can when i can. my hit is currently 120
  6. i should be 50 in the next couple days but im a rogue with my sin/NB spec a Bard spec and a Riftblade tank spec
  7. this works for me i may not be able to attend some weekday raids since i occasionalyl work nights but most other times have such a wide spread time that i could atleast make one of them and they start late enough that ill be off work from a morning shift to make it there on time.
  8. Dont know Rothiel but played with Uga and she was a great person fun to talk to and group with definatly wish you both a good luck on this app
  9. Main: Valrauk (Rogue) Alts: none Mumble: Valrauk
  10. Valrauk

    Guild application

    Good Luck on your app hope to see you in game more
  11. Valrauk

    Onetimer- APP

    Good Luck onetimer =D its fun playin with this guy...
  12. Good Luck man. also great to guardian hunt with you the other day and nice fraps job
  13. Good Luck on the app and welcome to vVv. Hope to see you in game soon to gank some guardians

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