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  1. Ha Ha HA Well get your butt in beta tomorrow!
  2. I will be looking in to crafting Leatherworking or handicraft
  3. I am definitely interested in the game and will be playing a Primeval
  4. I got to meet Chounji In the PEW PEW Beta we will not talk about! Thanks for all the help with my class. Fun guy to play with!
  5. Welcome Jeremy... Its nice to see some apps out of Wildstar! About how many Hr do you think you play a week? Can you give me a little bit of your MMO history?
  6. Welcome Zane... I know how it is to have a little one and be able to make time to play. I also have a 3 year old Daughter. Can you tell me some of your accomplishments in other MMO's?
  7. Great MMO Player. .. I have played with Raz for a few years now. He is always very knowledgeable in every game he plays.

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