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  1. Another bonus is that, from what I hear there are a few people who play right by each other. What my cousin and I would do in WoW is he be the leader of one and I be the leader of the the other 5 man group, and we'd both que and if ours popped at the same time we'd say join. It's best this way, because people that are right by each other can see it in real time. Of course I'm not familiar enough with the queue system of Rift yet. Just an idea, because I have heard there's a few brothers / roommates / cousins / ect. that play right by each other in this guild.
  2. He deserves a second chance, he fucked up. He shouldn't have done it, but I don't agree with kicking out a member of vVv who has dedicated three years without giving him another chance. Put him on probation or some stupid thing. My personal opinion...
  3. Cleric healing. Ezperience: Top 100 World kills in World of Warcraft as a healer. Raiding since Molten Core and BWL.
  4. I personally have a speech impediment. Leading World of Warcraft raids, premades, and dungeons has really helped bolster confidence in my speaking ability. When I was younger and I did public speaking for writing assignments in class, I was one of those kids that got nervous, heart racing, sweaty palms, ect. To make things worse I had a studder that triggered exponentially worse when I was nervous. Needless to say public speaking in school was one of the most terrifying and embarassing experiences to me. When I started playing World of Warcraft and being forced to call things out in Ventrillo, it was almost the same deal. To me it was the same, I had to speak in front of (at that time) 40 people, some I knew really well and others I didn't. As time went on and I got more comfortable with this, I began taking on more leadership roles in leading things. I would be the person explaining strategies at the beginning of the fights, giving out roles in the fight, answering any questions. Of course I do indeed have slip ups with my speech impediment more one some days than others. But now when I have to talk to a group of people in real life its a lot easier, because WoW gave me the practice to be more confident. Thumbs up this article.
  5. I forgot what I was watching, but it was a researcher who went against of the grain of saying games are hurting the youth and by saying its the only way we will be saved. I think he quoted Albert Einstein by saying "Today's problems cannot be solved with the level of thinking that created them". He said games force people to be critical thinkers, and to think outside of the box. It stimulates their brains in ways other traditional ways can't. He said the problems of today and tomorrow can only be solved, by people who exercise their brains in these ways. Anyways very interesting read, just reminded me about a video this video I watched.
  6. Oh and I received an email from Trion this morning saying to uninstall the beta client and to click this link. So start your downloads everyone!
  7. Wow a lot of clerics. Can't decide if I want shields or HoTs as my main heal. It will look something like Warden/Sentinel/Templar or Purifier/Sentinel/Templar.
  8. Why not just patch current build for live? Hopefully they give us enough time for everyone to download...
  9. I kind of expected this and hoped for it. PvP was fun, but it also got old after a while with no real ranked, competitive, or ladder play except for ones that were set up tournaments.
  10. Absolutely cannot wait for this game. Hopefully it will be as fun as diablo II was back in the day.
  11. My friend has them, he loves them so I've always thought about trying them. Just might try and see how well it improves my COD game.
  12. I have played World of Warcraft for a very long time (beta), I have also played Warhammer, Aion, and some other MMO's. Rift really does have a lot of promise. The class systems, how much you can customize, the combat system, amazing questing (doesn't get boring like WoW does, always on the move). It really has a strong basis for a great game, definately worth a buy for all you people on the fence. On a side note, Aion was a great game, I had a lot of fun with it. Edit. The reason why Aion failed was, because 80% of the people couldn't handle the Korean grind (game was copied from korea and they didn't reduce the grind), It just took sooo long to get to 50, I got to level 48 and gave up. Warhammer failed, just because not enough classes, poor PvE content (personal opinion), questing was boring, PvP was very fun at first, but got old. Rift doesn't seem to have any of these problems. Like I said before definately worth a buy. The reasons given for the game fails were my personal experiences.

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