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    Shaft reacted to Smile in My dream. What's yours?   

    My goal is to make it out of the open brackets and win a match on the main stage in MLG 2-0.

    My dream is this: after I get on stage, I cheese twice and go 2-0.

    Then I toss my mice into the crowd (I'll need to bring a second one) and do this:
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    Shaft got a reaction from Maze in Section Clean-up   
    Yet the whole goal of vVv SC2 is to maintain an active forum, an active twitter account, and other forms of social media. So no, we are not meeting our goals at the status quo, but this will help facilitate the acquisition of those objectives. What it boils down to is, we are supposed to have that volume, so if we prepare for it, we'll get it. Also, not kicking 30 members out of the section in one sitting will help as well.
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    Shaft got a reaction from Darkheart in Section Clean-up   
    SC2 Section
    --> General Discussion
    --> Events
    -->--> WNS
    -->--> Clan Wars
    --> Strategy
    -->--> Guides*
    -->--> VoDs*
    -->--> Protoss
    -->--> Terran
    -->--> Zerg
    --> Replays
    --> Coaching

    * The reason for these being separate is they require extra-specific attention to detail. vVv wants content producers, and this is but one way to support them, rather than allowing their hard work get swamped with threads reading "How to deal with Roaches as Protoss" or the like.

    It will take a bit more staff. We need replay submitters, and those who can moderate/encourage them. We need players posting replays from our events, like WNS. We need some activity in this forum, before we ever begin to worry about staff. We have how many people on our a-team? on our academy team? and in our community team? If we lack staff, it's because of lack of recruitment, not lack of people. More front page news posts about what SC2 section is doing, more recruitment posts for staff (image makers, writers, commentators, replay submitters, as well as having one person present at WNS and other clan events just provide the replays), and more structure within these forums. We also need moderators within the forum itself to warn people for making blatant +1 posts to prove that they are still active.

    DarkHeart is also right about clutter. There's too much of it. Archiving posts will help, but so will just having logical subforums. Sometimes I wonder if a seven year old downs kid set this forum up We will need to archive most of what is currently posted, just to reduce the load on whoever gets stuck making all of these theoretical changes. Certain key topics should be preserved though, so I think making a list of the best topics might be a prudent step in this endeavor.

    More emphasis should also be placed on the Search function. While a person above mentions that "every situation is different," having a topic for every situation is impossible. But main-grouping situations is not. So when one person posts "I got hit by an immortal timing with three immortals," and another posts "Well, mine is different cuz there were four immortals," well, the second person isn't wrong but it still doesn't require its own thread. The search function is man's best friend; and after all, someone can always feel free to post their question in another person's topic, if it's that similar in nature.

    A race split is required, but how one chooses to implement it... well that's up to the individual. Strategy -> Race specific is more organized than going Race Specific-> Strategy. It allows Protoss players to hear, for the most part, from other Protoss players, and keeps clutter to a minimum (no Protoss threads in Zerg forums!) while still maintaining the integrity of a "Strategy section." As it stands, vVv has no where near enough traffic to warrant racial splits, but I would hope we're not content to maintain this level of traffic for much longer. As for what TL does and doesn't do... I don't post there due to the clutter, either TL does not have a well-run Strategy section, as Tastosis have pointed on multiple occasions. More successful forums, however, do this.
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    Shaft got a reaction from Jguin in Jguin's Application   
    Met this guy on the ladder, seems like a solid dude, even if he did cheese me
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    Shaft reacted to Kyruk in Writing a Book on How to Play Zerg   
    Having received coaching and read the book I can say (although I play protoss) that it has definitely helped my game. Knowing what zergs have problems with and what is going through their heads definitely helps as you are playing the game. He went into detail about what compositions zergs have problems with and the importance of transitions and pressure throughout the game. I had issues with all these topics and now that he has brought them to light we are working on execution. I've moved from bronze to gold with his help and I don't plan on slowing down anytime soon!

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