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  1. RANDY I WANT TO LOVE YOU LONG TIME! -ahem- great program. Setting this up asap
  2. After I get home from a long day of both work and school I rush to my computer to log on rift. I'm then hit by an hour long queue. After that's finally over, I log in and queue for warfronts only to find my team getting beaten because some jackass is botting. This isn't just one warfront it happens often in a night and can grind my gears like none other. I'm sure many others have similar stories to tell. With that being said, I don't have many kind words to say about botters. However, vVv is a community that streatches outside of the game. And one of the goals is to educate. I think he should be let back in. Robz, next time you want to take the easy route think about the others you may be dicking over.
  3. Main: Sarnar (Rogue) Alts: None Mumble Name: Sarnar
  4. Yo panda. It's good to see a digital designer you guys are hard to find . Good luck on your app!
  5. Good to see a warrior applying. Even better seeing another ohio resident! I look forward to seeing you in game.
  6. After waiting two hours in queue, I finally get in game to do a couple quests and then THIS: I feel like Karma is punishing me for messing with Martini about her terrible server luck. Anyways, everyone remember to long on as early as you can tomorrow. Queues could go back to being crazy with friends trying to join up on Briarcliff!
  7. Joining the band wagon here because that macro is a God sent!
  8. LOL your profile pic is awesome! haha Love that Jager!!

  9. Also remember that staying logged in at character select wont boot you from the server
  10. Sarnar


    Just gotta say that I've been having a ton of fun playing with all you guys since launch! Hope to keep it up!
  11. Shepard is a runecrafter and needs any and all greens!
  12. Doubtful they will change the racials after launch. And yeah I miss kelari frenzy. It was stupid sick. Now I'm going eth for the dreadlocks.
  13. T minus 8 minutes. Too bad I wont be free for another 8 hours
  14. Sarnar

    Cazadorr - Cleric

    Was great getting to know you on mumble last night. Good luck on the app!
  15. Sarnar

    Rift: Jeep-Cleric

    It's a shame to see you go Jeep. Hope to are you around when you get free time on your hands.

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