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  1. This is a common build on the riftgame forums and Ashen from Small Nerds uses it as well. It's the most dps I've seen thus far without getting crazy. I can parse 740 over 5 mins with it and my AP is 469 and crit is 700. Here's the build on the calc: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1MiMN.iItMhqTMoc.0VRcx0b.q Macro 1:(one point fillers) cast twilight force cast primal strike Macro 2:(two point builders) cast poison malice(you can separate this on another key if you like) cast dusk strike cast puncture Macro 3:(finishers) cast scourge of darkness(this is always first) cast blazing strike Rotations are: Opener: stealth>expose weakness>dark malody>Macro2>fiery spike>Macro 3 2nd rotation: ebon fury>spam macro 2 until 5 pts> Macro 3(rinse and repeat until ebon fury is up) 3rd rotation: Macro 2>Macro 1>Macro 1>Macro 3(repeat until ebon fury is back up) NOTE: After you use scourge of darkness, you need to pop fiery spike again as it does not refresh it like blazing strike Let me know if you have any questions. DirtySoul
  2. I will be online late tonight around 9 pm EST. If you guys can wait for me to do some T1 dungeons would be awesome if not no problem.

  3. Definitely a trouble maker!

  4. EDIT: Please work in mumble to setup your own group and let me know. Your party must be put together by you or talk to someone who wants to do scheduled PVE runs with you. This thread is merely to get an idea of what parties there are and who's available. *********************************************************************************** This thread is here to help us form up parties for dungeons when we hit lvl 50. It will help us identify who is available for dungeons, what the teams are, and what gear we currently have. As a guild, we need to know where we stand with gear and PVE progression throughout the guild to prepare for raiding. Our goal is to gear everyone ASAP. This will allow us to better prepare ourselves for structured PVP and future PVE content. We need a couple party leads who can lead and form a group, set a schedule, and blaze through PVE content. Please reply with your builds and current hit/focus/toughness ratings to your respective class. We still start to fill in the teams as people discuss and figure out who wants to lead a group and who their group members will be. Please also use this thread to post what days/times you're available for PVE. Required or Recommended stats for Expert Dungeons: (Keep in mind these values are merely baselines, you will need decent gear besides have just hit/focus) We just can't enter Tier 2 because we have 100 hit or 100 focus. We need good gear(tier1) or crafted to be able to the push the DPS/Off Heals required for Tier 2. Same goes for Raiding, we need to get tier 2 gear.) Tier 1: DPS Casters/Melee: 50 hit Cleric: N/A Off Healers that heal for dmg: 50 hit/focus Tier 2: DPS Casters/Melee: 100 hit Cleric: N/A Off Healers that heal for dmg: 100 hit/focus Raid: DPS Casters/Melee: 150 hit Cleric: N/A Off Healers that heal for dmg: 150 hit/focus Team 1:(Currently in Tier 2s) and trailblazing for vVv Sycness(Warrior) - Main Tank AmpedRawr(Mage) - Off Healer/DPS Lysogen(Cleric) - Main Healer Musclshark(Rogue) - DPS Khaela(Rogue) - DPS Team 2: Team 3: Available lvl 50 Members: Utherix(Cleric) - Heals! Invertigo(Rogue) - DPS Brannigan(Warrioer) - Tank 100+ toughness Namorah(Cleric) - Healer Invertigo(Rogue) - DPS Toxicity(Rogue) - Off Healer/DPS, HIT = 156 Bloodaholic(Rogue) - Off Healer/DPS, HIT = 150 Eriaden(Rogue) - OffHealer/DPS ValRauk(Rogue) - OffHealer/DPS Bleed(Cleric) - Main Healer Drin(Mage) - DPS/Off Healer, FOCUS = 150 Rasten(Warrior) - Kallee(Cleric) - MistahTrousers(Warrior) - Main Tank, Toughness = ? Elizzabeth(Warrior) - Main Tank, Toughness = ? Nakkiel(Rogue) - Off Healer/DPS, HIT = ? Briellis(Warrior) - Main Tank, Toughness = ? RobZGod Regards, DirtySoul
  5. I think I can run it, I'll give it a try.

  6. do you think you can get a fraps software? do you have a potent PC to run it?

    I was thinking about frapsing our gank groups. There will be a lot of "epic fights" going on.

  7. check my profile I think you will be interested on the group that we were setting up

  8. Man this made my day, thanks for posting this. LOL SF
  9. I come back from Vacation on the 18th and I can help, but you'll probably be up to my lvl by then, 34. I'm not sure if you can even power lvl in this game. Maybe it was my imagination, but I know when trying to help others on kill quests, If I did more then a certain amount of dmg, they would not get credit for the kill, even when in group. We had to be near the same lvl and they had to to a lot of dmg to it. Maybe the same for experience pwr lvling? Anyways, glad to help if I can. SoulF
  10. Just listened to LBR53 and I thought the Rift overview was excellent for noobies and those looking at joining the guild. Around 10 mins or so it starts with you guys getting in to it. I think it would be excellent to cut that piece out and have that in the application intro area or somewhere visible for new people. Good stuff! SoulF
  11. I would think there is a strategic way of adding to this post. Whether it's to give them a warm welcome or challenge. We could probably nudge them to our server, if it is wanted. http://forums.riftgame.com/showthread.php?61148-Calling-PVP-guilds!&highlight=briarcliff SoulF

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