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    Kai Avina
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    Morrowind, Dead Space 2, Neverwinter Nights 2, Baulders Gate, and Dragon Age. Problaby some others but theses favorite things questions are never easy to answer.
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    BBQ Ribs and Chimichangas.
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    Benny and Joon is definitely up there.
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    Post Hardcore bands pretty much. A Day to Remember, Haste the Day, Jamie's Elsewhere and things like that.
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    I love playing video games and hanging out with friends like every other gamer out there, but I also play D&D about every other week and I love Warhammer 40k as well.
  1. Feriat

    Rift - Andryn (Warrior)

    Sorry guys but I gotta withdraw my app. You guys are a great group of people but you guys are mainly pvp and I enjoy a healthy mix of both, but I am mainly pve. Good luck with rift. See you around.
  2. Weeooo with so many tanks I could more than likely go dps. Im excited. Im a Warrior btw
  3. Anyone who is interested in PvE endgame can you put your names here and what roles you are so we can get an idea of what we have for Greenscale when more people hit 50 and also for expert groups
  4. Feriat

    Rift - Andryn (Warrior)

    I got a lot more on the way. You guys are awesome to play with and a great to guild to be in so I have no problem helping out what-so-ever. Thanks for having me
  5. Dont know if there is already a thread on this but I wanted to see peoples opinions on warrior tanking builds. This is what I am rolling right now when I have to tank dungeons http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0cAhE.x0qz.EMMussiskrz.xV Did anyone try main reaver builds, or main warlord builds? Or is it just nothing compared to pally?
  6. My Armorsmithing is now at about 235 so wont really need help from anyone, I'll just be supplying all my leftovers.
  7. Im doing armorsmithing, really just need chromite or cobalt ore. Im about 160 or so into it. Ingame name is Andryn
  8. Server forums were just put up with guild recruitment areas and such, so just a heads up if you didnt see yet.
  9. Warrior as my main, then maybe a Rogue cause they were fun, but Cleric tanking was more enjoyable than Warrior tanking. So I dont know.
  10. Riftblade/Champion/beastmaster and Bladedancer/Assassin/Ranger. I like having pets for no reason. Makes questing easier. We'll see how endgame works.
  11. "Added new UI section for class-specific mechanics (Pacts, Convictions, etc) on Player and Target portraits." This seems to be my favorite addition.
  12. Does anyone know if the items from the puzzles have a level cap? As to if you should do the puzzles while leveling or wait until you are a higher level?

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