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  1. Yeah. This is a huge issue. 4pm raid time should mean that we're raiding at 4pm. Not "Okay I'll log on at 4pm, and then go get my charges, go pick things up at the AH, find enchants, etc. etc. etc." If you're rushing home to log in right at 4pm, then get those tasks done the night before.
  2. Don't forget that there's also Stillmoor hiding in the top left of the map.
  3. I've got 32 Sent, 34 Purifier and 44 Warden, 22 Sentinel for my two healing specs. I prefer my Warden spec, but seems like everyone else does too, so I've been raiding with the Puri/Sent build to get some more balance. I know we had 2 51-point Wardens, and someone (Shaym?) with a 28 Warden/38 Something build. Also, we need to get somebody set up with Senticar So. Gogo. Ask people why they're specced the way they are. Criticize and open eyes.
  4. Expert rifts are pretty quick. They're really quite easy. Raid rifts can be over an hour, if people aren't doing what they're supposed to be doing. edit: Also, I have 12 Corrupted and 4 Malformed souls. I have the rep to open Life (Primal Evolution), Water (Revenge of the Icewatch) and Death (Redemption of Perdeen) expert rifts. I don't think I can open any Raids, I'll check when I'm home tonight.
  5. Not only did we clear AP with ease, but we got the Rapid Assault (Defeat the bosses within a certain amount of time) achievement for it.
  6. I dunno what you're talking about, she's not bugged. She just likes to gib a random player without any warning or pattern, and shows spell effects where there are none. That's just part of her strategy.
  7. How about for bard? I had been looking at something like 33 bard, 20 blade dancer, 13 nightblade. I couldn't really see any trees that were worth putting more than 5 points into, but my rogue is only 29 now so I'm not entirely familiar with all of the synergies.
  8. Lysogen

    Khaela's App

    Hey. I can press buttons. I just don't feel like it. I've done a bunch of Experts with Khaela. Good player, good DPS, follows instructions, nice guy.
  9. Lysogen

    fabo -

    Been running a lot of dungeons with Fabo. One thing's for sure, this guy knows how to attack the 1. Also, he's a good player who knows what to do and doesn't have a propensity to fuck up.
  10. Got it on March 8, at 2:05 am PST. Full-sized screenshot, because Imageshack seems to be unable to go fullsize: There was confusion because this contest was first 10 to hit 50. I was the 14th to hit 50 in this guild. But then again, 8 of those guys left. So.. I'm basically 6th. Or, I'm the 7th person to post this. I'm okay with being in 7th place.
  11. Chloro is very badass offheals. In the 5-man environment, I definitely prefer it over Bard. The fact that they have Radiant Spores, makes their overall healing a lot less bursty. Makes it easier for me to figure out when I need a heal to land. Bard buffs are nice, but in the end of the day, I prefer a Chloro.
  12. I'm available for healing a lot. But most days (M/T/W/F) I've got night classes and am busy ~5pm til 9pm (Server time), so I can't sign up to consistently do dungeons during those prime hours unfortunately. Also, I'm a cleric healer, I don't need any focus!
  13. I think this is the first time I've ever thought this: WTB smartphone.

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