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  1. Hey..I am starting a character on Briarcliff...who should i contact to get guild invite.. Feral
  2. I didnt try a healer build, however I think im going riftblade/paragon/beastmaster. I just love duel wielding warriors.
  3. I am still undecided, either, warlord/champion/beastmaster, or riftblad/paragon/beatsmaster,, or Ranger/makrsman/xxxxxxx Grrrrr....hate having to decide. Feral
  4. I have played a few different class combos from all trees. I am just wondering what people found fun and why? Feral.
  5. Ok, So...if i go Beastmaster/Champion/XXXXXXXXX what would you put as the third soul, and how would you spread out the points? Feral
  6. I was hoping to get some type of healing for the Champion. Not sure quite how to do that. I have played, Champion/Para/BM..thats sweet. I also like Warlord/Champion/BM.
  7. I am looking to see if anyone has tried out some combinations during beta, Paladin/Champion/Warlord Beastmaster/Paragon/RiftBlade. What do you all think.
  8. Well, I will either take off, or just take my laptop to work...and get some game time. Back up plan, Put game on portable hard drive, Play at work. Can get in to much trouble if its not on a company PC. Feral.

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