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    I love anything that deals with technology and the ways it improves and impacts our lives. I do a few small network jobs on the side, just for fun!!
  1. Jeepemail

    Rift: Jeep-Cleric

    Hello vVv community, Unfortunately, with some new obligations that have come up I will not be able to be as active as I imagined. Therefor, I will not seek a spot in the "Rift" team, nor will I be an active community member. I looked forward to playing the game once it when live, and the beta was fun. As a final farewell, I present you with "RIFT Well Spun Hat", gained via TF2. This should work, but if it doesn't I'm sorry. The code is "MRZ2-GDCM-CYCC-Q776-YXP6" to be placed in the Trion Worlds account management page, under the apply a code side panel. The true reason behind why I'm leaving come down to two reasons. First I got someone pregnant, which will be fixed with an abortion but the timing hasn't come up yet to get it done. And more importantly I got abducted and have to work as a slave... I mean I got an unpaid internship working around 40 hours a week for HALO(Helping Art Liberate Orphans) as a network designer for their new office buildings around my town. Best of luck to vVv, I'll to sure to look for you when I'm watching the MLG reruns.
  2. Jeep: I earned this achievement: Prismatic Shutout! http://yfrog.com/bc201121621010j #Rift

  3. I'm at school so I can't link zam. But from 1-30 I found beastmaster/champion with a 10 max in beastmaster and the rest in champion. At 34 I've been trying Paladin/Reaver/Warlord, 32/6/7. At those yellow eilte mobs I hear people talking over mumble all the time, pretty easy to solo. And with the shield heals and aoe abilitys the only trouble I find is with caster mobs, but those aren't really too much trouble with 4k hp.
  4. Jeep: I earned this achievement: Aelfwar Eradication! http://yfrog.com/3t2011215221919j #Rift

  5. Jeep: I earned this achievement: The Gloves Are Off! http://yfrog.com/2g2011215163611j #Rift

  6. Looks good. Usually the weekends you will get more people, but more people are likely to leave a raid to go out with friends, etc. For me I won't be able to be on any Friday.
  7. Jeepemail

    Rift: Jeep-Cleric

    Mmmm possibly name change in the future I'm thinking. Senorcool striking fear into the hearts of the Guardians.
  8. Work-Related Injury| Tosh.0 | Comedy Central http://t.co/IRIUXY5

  9. Jeepemail

    Rift: Jeep-Cleric

    If I had a dollar for every time I was called "cool" I'd have $1.00.
  10. RT @geektome: Rift: New and Innovative or World of Warcraft Clone? http://chicagonow.com/LLGe

  11. Jeepemail

    Rift: Jeep-Cleric

    Installing Win7 x64 bit on my only computer I have. If you don't hear from me, well, I'll be back.
  12. Jeepemail

    Rift: Jeep-Cleric

    For beta 6 the warrior was pretty easy once I was spec'd for full damage, I wouldn't advise rolling tank for low low levels. As far as I got for pvp, it's great, even without any healers in a warfront. I last just long enough to drain the mana out of mages before I die. And probably for launch I will be rolling a warrior.
  13. Jeepemail

    Rift: Jeep-Cleric

    I heard doom works for Conviction, thats why he wasn't on full time on beta 6.

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