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    Eriaden got a reaction from tawrearlZex in UI Layouts   
    I was bored trying different layouts so here's mine and I would like to see some new ideas just to improve mine and make it even better.

    ..so far my layout is based on keeping your eyes on the target while at the same time being able to watch your vitals.

    I have my 'oh shit' skills on the right side of the chat windows and pots/consumables on the top, maps/travels/guild perks and buffs that I use some times are on the right side next to the quest tracker.

    All my bars are kinda empty because I am leaving space for the future skills, etc. Everything pre-set from the beta ;p
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    Eriaden got a reaction from Alkalloms in UI Layouts   
    I was bored trying different layouts so here's mine and I would like to see some new ideas just to improve mine and make it even better.

    ..so far my layout is based on keeping your eyes on the target while at the same time being able to watch your vitals.

    I have my 'oh shit' skills on the right side of the chat windows and pots/consumables on the top, maps/travels/guild perks and buffs that I use some times are on the right side next to the quest tracker.

    All my bars are kinda empty because I am leaving space for the future skills, etc. Everything pre-set from the beta ;p
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    Eriaden got a reaction from annuamVob in UI Layouts   
    I was bored trying different layouts so here's mine and I would like to see some new ideas just to improve mine and make it even better.

    ..so far my layout is based on keeping your eyes on the target while at the same time being able to watch your vitals.

    I have my 'oh shit' skills on the right side of the chat windows and pots/consumables on the top, maps/travels/guild perks and buffs that I use some times are on the right side next to the quest tracker.

    All my bars are kinda empty because I am leaving space for the future skills, etc. Everything pre-set from the beta ;p
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    Eriaden got a reaction from Smoogslor in UI Layouts   
    I was bored trying different layouts so here's mine and I would like to see some new ideas just to improve mine and make it even better.

    ..so far my layout is based on keeping your eyes on the target while at the same time being able to watch your vitals.

    I have my 'oh shit' skills on the right side of the chat windows and pots/consumables on the top, maps/travels/guild perks and buffs that I use some times are on the right side next to the quest tracker.

    All my bars are kinda empty because I am leaving space for the future skills, etc. Everything pre-set from the beta ;p
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    Eriaden got a reaction from Aodan in GW2 - Beta Videos! (WvWvW) (World Events) (Random)   
    This game completely bought me.. I think I am coming back to MMOs.

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    Eriaden reacted to vVv LordJerith in Players Must Evolve   
    Almost overnight, the North American gaming scene has changed. With this new landscape there are many opportunities for players and vVv Gaming to capitalize in this brave, new world. The hard work begins now. What came before, does not matter, except for one important lesson: It can all go away as quickly as it arrives. Just as the CounterStrike Community after the rise and fall of the Championship Gaming Series.

    Now, in order for vVv Gaming to continue to prepare players for this new environment, we have to ask players to step up their game. All players that play for vVv Gaming must have:

    When you give Twitter a couple weeks of your time, at only 5 minutes per day, you’ll see how and why it is valuable. Personally, I follow people interested in business, leadership, gaming, and social learning. These are all interests of mine, and I can instantly get information that is relevant to my life. You see, instead of using Twitter to answer the question “what are you doing”, the people I follow are basically commenting on “what has your attention right now.” Do you see the difference? The later question means we’re sharing information about interests, not necessarily ME.

    The other thing that non-Twitter users don’t understand is how quickly we can filter through unnecessary tweets. Programs like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite allow me to page right through a handful of people’s tweets. I can also add tweets to my favorites so I can go back later when I have more time and read further.
    Twitter can be a powerful tool for information, ideas, research, finding teammates and building professional relationships if used it right.


    Facebook should evolve to become a natural part of your personal and business day. Facebook offers the most anyone needs in social networking. The biggest advantage is being able to track clearly and quickly the threads of conversation you are having with one person or all of your friends. Conversations are the only way of securing a real and loyal fan base.
    For the many people I run into out in other areas of the internet who say..’I only use Facebook to connect with close friends and family, I say…Great..you can do that on Facebook, but business and personal can be combined very easily. I really hate to see top gamers avoid the exposure Facebook can provide them due to their feeling that what they do in gaming will interfere with their personal lives. It is their personal lives fans want to know about! Plus, many gamers do not know certain portions of their personal information on Facebook can be blocked so only certain people can see it.

    Of course, having a Chat Feature is not unique to just Facebook, but it is interesting how effective the chat on Facebook can be over other Chat formats, especially, when you create a Group for people to join in group chats. The group chats are wonderful and really can offer up a group discussion on an issue that makes for great learning.
    The greatest part of Facebook is the ability to build real friendships. Even if the new friend is on the other side of the world it is easy to get to know them better through chatting or posting comments of more than 140 characters. Photos promote friendships and can be seen on the page without downloading them. Excerpts of blogs and notes can really help to making a solid personal or professional relationship. When it does come time to make an announcement you have a group of friends to make it to and not strangers who may not have any interests. The Facebook mobile applications are being developed daily allowing the communications to continue away from the desktop.
    If I had to boil all this down to one thing that makes Facebook the place to be over any of the other sites today…conversation has to be the key reason. Like I said, Conversations are the only way of securing a real and loyal fan base.


    Get a webcam, get a capture card. Give interviews. Video interviews. Sponsors will ask me for samples of how you promote. Create a video promoting vVv Gaming. Create video promoting one of our sponsors like SteelSeries. Show sponsors what you can do.


    Stream content! Stream your matches. Learn to build a stream following. We have added a forum profile field for you to link everyone to your streaming page. We recommend you use TwicthTv (Gaming Brand for Justin.Tv)


    So after a player gets the basics of twitter, facebook, giving interviews and streaming, it’s now time to discuss training. You must learn to train. Gaming hours on end without a real plan is not training.

    Write down training goals for the week and log each training session. Use Google documents to store documents so you can share it with others (managers, coaches, fellow teamamtes, etc). EXAMPLE
    Write down diet and exercise goals for the week, log each workout and keep a food diary.
    Share your journey of training, good days, bad days through social media and interviews.
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    Eriaden reacted to vVv LordJerith in Rift is only $9.99   
    The vile forces of Regulos may have kept you away from Telara until now, but this is your chance to join the mighty Ascended and fight back! Don
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    Eriaden reacted to vVv LordJerith in 2011 Summer reading List   
    In an effort to help those of you:

    Get a better understanding of Korea's eSports scene, and what we can learn from it
    Understand the value of gaming, and the best ways to game

    I have two books to recommend.

    The first book is Korea's Online Gaming Empire by Dal Yong Jin

    "This book will be a landmark study of Korean online gaming, serving as the touchstone for future studies on this topic. At the same time, it offers a useful methodological template for analyzing online game industries and cultures beyond the Korean example." --Dean Chan, School of Communications and Arts, Edith Cowan University, Perth "The Korean game industry has spearheaded the global online gaming phenomenon--it is one of the fastest growing creative industries worldwide. This book is timely and will have a captive audience, given that to date the only material on the topic has been in journal articles. It promises to fill many gaps." --Larissa Hjorth, Senior Lecturer in Digital Art, Games Programs, School of Media and Communication, RMIT University, Melbourne

    Product Description
    In South Korea, online gaming is a cultural phenomenon. Games are broadcast on television, professional gamers are celebrities, and youth culture is often identified with online gaming. Uniquely in the online games market, Korea not only dominates the local market but has also made its mark globally. In Korea's Online Gaming Empire, Dal Yong Jin examines the rapid growth of this industry from a political economy perspective, discussing it in social, cultural, and economic terms. Korea has the largest percentage of broadband subscribers of any country in the world, and Koreans spend increasing amounts of time and money on Internet-based games. Online gaming has become a mode of socializing--a channel for human relationships. The Korean online game industry has been a pioneer in software development and eSports (electronic sports and leagues). Jin discusses the policies of the Korean government that encouraged the development of online gaming both as a cutting-edge business and as a cultural touchstone; the impact of economic globalization; the relationship between online games and Korean society; and the future of the industry. He examines the rise of Korean online games in the global marketplace, the emergence of eSport as a youth culture phenomenon, the working conditions of professional gamers, the role of game fans as consumers, how Korea's local online game industry has become global, and whether these emerging firms have challenged the West's dominance in global markets.

    The Second book is Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World by Jane McGonigal


    Practical Advice for Gamers by Jane McGonigal

    Reality is Broken explains the science behind why games are good for us--why they make us happier, more creative, more resilient, and better able to lead others in world-changing efforts. But some games are better for us than others, and there is too much of a good thing. Here are a few secrets that aren
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    Eriaden reacted to vVv Doomhammer in Try Rift for Free!   
    Now is your chance to try out Rift for free!

    Many people are interested in trying out the hottest new MMO on the market, and Trion Worlds has finally made that possible!

    Through Facebook, Twitter or email, current players can send out invites to anyone and give them the opportunity to play Rift for 7 days absolutely free!

    To take part in this awesome opportunity, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE ABOVE or post a message in this thread and LordJerith, Doomhammer, or one of the many members of the vVv Rift guild will send you an invite! Make sure to include your email, twitter or facebook page!

    See you in Rift!
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    Eriaden reacted to Medpac in A Tanks Guide To Making Love To Thy Enemy   
    What if with the touch of a button you could transform from mindless damage per sec button masher to dungeon leading attention whore? Wait no more fellow MMO fans because your day has come, and it
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    Eriaden reacted to vVv LordJerith in Why do I use Tungle   
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    Eriaden reacted to vVv Milkyy in Becoming a Pro Gamer: Getting Known!   
    Becoming a Pro Gamer: Getting Known!

    By Jerry "LordJerith" Prochazka

    It's Gamer Tuesday again folks and you know what that means, right? Another insightful article from the folks of vVv Gaming. If you ask me, the stuff they've been sharing over the last few months has been pure gold. Whether talking about how to get started as a pro gamer, or helping noobs when you're established, this series of posts has really opened my eyes to the world of eSports and pro-gaming. I really hope you guys have been enjoying them too! So, without further ado...

    One challenge that every competitive gamer faces is how to demonstrate their skills and talents in order to network with other more established and experienced gamers. Players want to meet the best players and want to get their attention. In short, new players want to get known.

    Read more after the jump!

    Assuming that you have taken the steps to get a capture card, join a community, and perhaps started looking for a team, you still must understand how to get the attention of experienced gamers. I want to share a few pointers that will help speed up the process by which people come to easily recognize your name. This process includes creating personal montages, posting on forums and adding people to your friends lists (Xbox Live, steam, in-game, etc.).

    Is this a montage for Modern Warfare 2 or Guns and Ammo?


    For the purpose of this discussion, I'm going to assume that you have your capture card working and you have installed software that will allow you to edit the footage that you have captured. A few important things to remember when editing your montages:

    * Focus on your strengths: As an example, let's say you're a great sniper. Be sure that you include numerous examples of difficult sniper shots (target in cover, target moving quickly, etc.).

    * Make it organized and specific: For example, put all of your headshots together. If you're going to highlight how you move or communicate, make sure that it is very clear as to what makes this footage special. Don't be afraid to use voiceover to make sure your audience does not miss why you are proud of this particular segment of gameplay.

    * Keep it short: There are many, many montages in existence today. If I were a hunter, and I was killing dozens of montages every day, believe you me, montages are not at risk of extinction. Your audience has probably seen dozens of these montages. Make it interesting, to the point and keep it short. Think of it as an audition tape. Make it short and focused so that the viewer can immediately identify your best skills.

    This troll is worse than the Red Ring of Death!

    Forum Posts

    Just like montages are used to demonstrate your gameplay, forum postings are designed to demonstrate your knowledge about the game and showcase your personality. Do not be afraid to ask questions and offer polite advice related to the games you play, as well as, and I really mean this, show people you can have fun. Demonstrate your intelligence and sense of humor. People want to team with people they like. Always write your forum posts thinking that a future teammate could be reading and deciding whether or not to team with you (or practice with you).

    Are you a gamer, a bot or a stalker?

    Friend Requests

    Never send random friend requests with no explanations. A polite message introducing who you are and why you sent the friend request is critical. Many players will reject friend requests because they get them from random people all the time. Take the time to introduce yourself, and you will increase your chances of meeting new players.

    Something often overlooked by players is keeping in contact with the people who already are on their friends list. If you're looking for a team or need a player for your team, politely let people know what you need and also ask them to spread the word for you. Again, don't blindly spam your friends list, but pick and choose the people who would be interested or are in a position to help you.

    If you take the time to do these three simple things, you will stand out from gamers who make terrible montages, troll forums with inflammatory and derogatory posts and send random friend requests. These simple steps will do more to help you get known because the often anonymous world of online gaming is filled with some of the worst behavior, and by taking just a little bit of time to demonstrate maturity and professionalism, you will quickly earn the respect of people who will be willing to evaluate your skills and help you develop your game.
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    Eriaden reacted to Sinstar in Expert Dungeons   
    Hi all,

    Sinstar here, although I was only invited into the guild yesterday, I have some information that I wished to share.

    I've taken a look, and can't find anything on it here so far. (If it already is, I'm a dumbass and couldn't find it.)

    A little bit of information about me, is that I come from a 5 year World of Warcraft stint, as well currently in a top 200 US raiding guild. Many of you have probably played World of Warcraft, some probably haven't, or care to. Its all good, all I want to share is some really decent guides. Remember, knowing is half the battle.

    Those of you who have, but really didn't raid, and those of you that haven't played, I have some help for those expert dungeons.

    On YouTube, please check out Ciderhelm. For the longest time, he's posted some very informative guides to many WoW raid encounters. For those of you that know of Ciderhelm and Tankspot, you know how handy the pre-encounter knowledge can help.

    http://www.youtube.com/user/Ciderhelm - Ciderhelm's channel.

    - Ciderhelm's Guide to Expert Realm of the Fae (Rift)
    Just for an example. They are well put together, and will get much more descriptive when required. Please do check this out.

    Hope this helps out for those of you who haven't been in any of these yet, or for those of you that are potentially stuck on a certain boss.
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    Eriaden reacted to vVv LordJerith in Dear MLG . . .   
    Dear Major League Gaming:

    I want to thank you for producing the best MLG event that I have seen in the past 4 years! I want to share with you some of the things that made the event special for myself, our staff and our players, as well as offer some suggestions for improvement.

    How I love thee, let me count the ways!

    Seats, and reserved rows for media and guests! Thank you!
    Brackets on whiteboards, big help!
    3 main stages, you really kept your promise
    DJWheat and Day 9: THEY are awesome!
    Alienware! Well done! Hardware looked great!
    Convention centers are better than hotels. More options and choices. Thank you!

    OK. . . let me talk about what needs to improve. This event was too good to let a few minor issues stop you from a home run (you hit a double at this event).

    I won't say anything about the stream. You know it was an issue, and beating you up on this now would be pointless. I hope you get the right technology and the right people to run it.

    Get soundproof booths on main stage so we can have DJWheat and Day9 commentating throughout an entire match. SirScoots from EG recommended getting them in the shape of a Dr.Pepper can, and I think that is a great idea! Starcraft was always filled with spectators. I have become a fan!

    Halo: Reach
    Personally, I think the refs could be way more consistent. A lot of new refs, and I felt many of them could use more training. Please train these refs to enforce all the rules consistently!

    Call of Duty
    Where to begin! This game is not spectator friendly. Here are my suggestions:

    Please put rapid fire back in and drop steady aim. Please, please get these players moving. I don't want to bore you with my map choices and settings. I know you have a staff to test games. Know that this is worse to spectate than Rainbow 6. You must do something to add to the excitement. All-famas games are just too boring to watch. If you need suggestions, vVv Gaming has its own ideas on what would help speed up the game, and get players moving (less campy maps and gamemodes, SnD time limit must be reduced, etc).

    Please get new announcers. Get someone who can both share the opinions of community members AND provide their OWN analysis! I recommend that they review all footage of DJWheat and Day9, to see how it should be done. If they get it right, maybe give them a second chance. If there is not drastic improvement, please replace them with people who know the game and also know how to work a crowd.

    So, overall, the big story is Starcraft 2. Huge crowds, great games with the best announcers. Just get booths! Halo: Reach is in solid second place. Just get those refs trained! Sadly, Call of Duty: Black Ops, a game I want to see succeed. . . it needs a lot of work. We'll talk more about this on our podcast show, The Loser's Bracket!


    vVv Gaming

    PS Did I mention CliffyB was in Dallas on Friday?! ;-) Let's just say that I heard that Epic and MLG have been working on making Gears work way before most realize (you mean it wasn't those Gears players who made Epic forum posts/blogs?!). Gears 3 may very well be the best Gears to date. I just ask that MLG keep that in mind. :-)
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    Eriaden reacted to vVv Exodus in MLG Dallas Updates   
    MLG Dallas 2011 Updates

    Follow the @vVv_Gaming and @vVv_DyeHard twitter feeds for up to date vVv Gaming information from MLG Dallas 2011!

    Call of Duty - vVv Motivation ---Eliminated---

    Round 1 BYE
    Round 2 BYE
    Round 3 BYE
    Wins Round 4 VS Nerds with swag 2-0
    Loses in round 5 VS IcoNs3 1-3 and will continue in losers bracket
    Wins, Losers Round 8 VS Fly Society 3-1
    Loses, Losers Round 9 VS Quantic Influence and is eliminated from MLG Dallas

    Halo Reach

    vVv Southern Comfort ---Eliminated---

    Round 1 BYE
    Wins Round 2 VS Heartbreakers 2-1
    Wins Round 3 VS After Hours 2-0
    Loses in round 4 and will continue in the losers bracket
    Loses to Heartbreakers in Losers Round 5 and is eliminated from MLG Dallas

    vVv Active Rush ---Eliminated---

    Round 1 BYE
    Wins Round 2 VS Fairly Fresh 2-0
    Wins Round 3 VS Overlooked
    Wins Round 4 VS Tshirt Time
    Wins Round 5 VS Cryptic 2-0
    Loses Round 6 VS Swagger Like Us 1-2 and will continue in losers bracket
    Wins, Losers Champion Round 2 VS young money
    Loses VS Warriors 2-3


    Starcraft 2

    vVvDwAy ---Eliminated---

    Wins first match 2-1 VS Hybriis
    Takes Round 2 with a (Score Unknown) Victory VS STARFEEDER_Lipton
    Loses in round 3 VS Future-SC and will continue in the losers bracket
    wins Round 4 of Losers
    Loses, losers round 5 VS Naama and is eliminated from MLG Dallas


    vVvMurder ---Eliminated---

    Wins first match via forfeit
    Takes round 2 with a 2-0 victory VS Rhinomeister
    Loses in round 3 VS ROOT-CatZ and will continue in the losers bracket
    Wins, Losers Round 4 VS vtwhiplash 2-1
    Wins, Losers Round 5 VS Whiplash-VT
    Wins, Losers Round 6 VS ColCruncher 2-0
    Loses, Losers Round 7 VS FXOSheth and is eliminated from MLG Dallas

    vVvTitan ---Eliminated---

    Wins round 1 2-0 vs BenjaminS
    Loses to Slurgi 0-2 and will continue in the losers bracket
    Wins, Losers Round 2 VS Justinius
    Wins, Losers Round 3 VS DudeToss
    Loses, Losers Round 4 VS iNkAsc and is eliminated from MLG Dallas

    vVvRigid ---Eliminated---

    losses first round 0-2 VS phantaxx and will continue in the losers bracket
    Wins, Losers Round 1 VS (DNS)Hothed18
    Wins, Losers Round 2 VS espgooey
    Wins, Losers Round 3 VS Jaeger_
    Loses, Losers Round 4 VS panatrex and is eliminated from MLG Dallas


    vVvTime ---Eliminated---

    First round BYE
    Takes round 2 with a 2-0 victory VS artofwarsc2
    Takes round 3 with a 2-0 victory VS wonkman
    Loses in round 4 with 0-2 VS NrGmirhi and will continue in the losers bracket
    Loses, Losers Round 6 VS MasterAsiamnm 0-2 and is eliminated from MLG Dallas
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    Eriaden reacted to Martini in The Sanctum   
    I really enjoyed watching and listening to this show! It def helps feed my hunger while I'm waiting for the next beta.

    There are four episodes so far! Enjoy!

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    Eriaden reacted to vVv LordJerith in To the "MLG" Gears of War Community   
    Some advice for the “ MLG” Gears of War players

    Consider this professional advice from a mentor, and nothing more. I totally understand your passion. vVv Gaming was born out of Gears of War. We have fostered a huge part of the community’s growth. If you want Gears of War to be on the MLG pro circuit, you will need to take pause. Now is not the time to write petitions or form coalitions, it is the time to make business cases. You will need to build support. This requires some advance skills. I write this wanting to help, so don’t shoot the messenger. Let me say this again, “THEY BELIEVE MLG KIDS to be EGOMANIACS.” So, stop being an “MLG” player and start being a “Gears” fan.

    Do NOT form an “MLG player coalition.” That is perhaps the worst thing you can do. It further segments your from the greater GoW community. Nothing say “elitist snob” better than this. This is a bad idea on many levels, and I hope that if you take a step back, you will see why this is bad.
    Do NOT say “I am a former MLG Gers of War pro player.” You know why?

    . . because no one cares. The average gamer doesn’t give a shit about what you are “pro” in anything. Get it out of your signature lines. No cares about your accomplishments. Leave your egos at home. The casual player hates to see you flaunt your accomplishments, and they have, and will continue to shoot you down and not support what we need as a community. The quality of your ideas are not better because you placed well at a LAN event!

    So, what SHOULD you do?

    DO make a thread about a single feature that would make the game better. Explain how it helps the game. Make your ideas stand out because they make the game better. Stick to facts, and translate those ideas and facts into a business case. See if anyone else has made threads that support what we need, and reach out to them. And always make everything you ask for beneficial to ALL players. For example:

    See what I did there? See how it had nothing to do with MLG, or your LAN achievement. It is just a good idea that makes GoW better. This allows EVERYONE to support it. This avoids the haters hating just to hate on “MLG” players.
    If you want to get things in the game, you have to do your homework, build support from ALL players, leave your meaningless MLG accomplishments on the MLG forums, and listen to our podcast show for more advice from Sundance on this. I can help, but I want to see the players lead this charge. Again, I am here to help you.

    When I started vVv Gaming, people said, “If you let all these randoms in, no one good will want to play for you.” You know what happened to the players who thought like that? I have no idea. . . they faded back into the pool of randomness from which they emerged. Learn to be a random, as there is a wisdom in crowds. :drink2_mini:
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    Eriaden reacted to vVv LordJerith in Week Two   
    Our second week saw a lot of drama, settling into our identity, as well as some misunderstandings. Let me make a few things crystal clear, so we all can be on the same page:

    1)Level at your own pace. Enjoy the game! Don't let anyone make you feel like you have to meet some vVv standard or need to be like Musha. It's supposed to be fun! There are no tournaments, no arena. vVv is much bigger than Rift, and we want people in our Rift guild to be an engaged part of the broader vVv community.

    1A) HAVE FUN! I have fun by saying we want Guardians to quit, that I hate PvE, that I chew the cheek flesh off my fallen foe. All that is not really true (ok, maybe th cheek flesh part), but it is FUN to say.

    2)We lost about 10 Level 50s when I pulled them into a Mumble channel and asked them to please do some open world PvP with our lower levels. This somehow got turned into me being all about open world PvP, and that I don't like PvE. Not true at all. Anyone who plays any MMO knows you MUST do PvE. I am very disappointed that somehow what I suggested got characterized as me thinking end game raiding was not important. Everyone knows that end game raids give you epic loot that makes you able to PvP better. In fact, I am quite SURE that EVERYONE knows this. So, anyone who says that I think open world PvP is more important than end game Raiding. . . it is not true.

    Meanwhile though, it is important that our 50s do come to lower level tiers and abuse guardians for about 90 minutes once or twice a week. I don't think that is too much to ask. I do feel that open world PvP is a great way to build community and get people at different levels to work together. If you feel I am asking too much, please let me know.

    3)Rift is not about being ultra competitive to vVv Gaming. It's about being a competent, respected and engaged community. We support each other at all levels. If you need to feel "better" than everyone else, or some sense of superiority, then we are not the guild for you. We want to be PART of the Rift the community, PART of the Defiant Briarfield community. not some self-proclaimed "elite" guild. There is no way to ever know who is the "best" in an MMO. That is why every player always claims to be a top "insert class here" on their server. We don't want to have the best players, we want to have the best community.

    So, relax, have fun. Don't stress. Don't think because a few 50s left, I see it as an issue. If vVv we were just 20 people who wanted to have fun playing Rift, I would be fine. vVv Gaming's business model does not need an elite Rift guild (or WoW guild or anything), if we did. . . well, we could buy one, lol. We need to be respectful, competent, and we need to help everyone grow together. That is what being in a guild is all about.

    With all this being said, I can't wait to join many of you and end game raids and getting to the really cool content. If anyone says vVv doesn't get it, or is all about open world PvP, please show them this thread. If anyone tells you that I don't like PvE, show this this thread. if anyone tells you that vVv Gaming is failing, show them this thread. You cna have FUN and be respected and competent. vVv Gaming has been doing that for 4 years, lol. Games come and go, but vVv is forever! I want to welcome so many new applicants and members who came from Rift. I am glad to have you here. I hope this makes our direction clear. I welcome all comments and suggestions.
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    Eriaden reacted to vVv LordJerith in Your Guild Rank and What it Means   
    Recruit: You were invited in game
    Initiate: You are active in Mumble
    Neophyte: You have an active application and are active in mumble
    Member: You application has been accepted to vVv Gaming (i.e., vVv Avii)
    Senior Member: You were in vVv Gaming before Rift (i.e., vVv Amped)
    Officer: Your application to officer has been accepted (i.e., vVv Namorah)
    Senior Officer: Your application to officer was accepted AND you were previously in vVv Gaming (i.e., vVv Jolly)
    Leader: Reserved for vVv Gaming Executives and their alts

    Neophytes and above can recruit

    Officers and above can:

    officer chat
    guild chat speak
    set message of the day
    edit officer notes
    accept guild quests
    complete quild quests
    abandon guild quests
    set rally point

    Hope this helps!
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    Eriaden reacted to Blazek in Proposal to Trion Worlds   
    I have been contemplating writing Trion Worlds about the Ancient Wardstones and ways they can improve them to make it feel much more involved and necessary to take them for your side. If anyone comes up with anything, feel free to add to this or msg me your ideas; I want Open World PvP in this game to be meaningful rather then a gank fest to kill time.

    So far, here is a list of ideas for ways to improve the Ancient Wardstone system. When I am ready I will make a much more formal letter and send it to Trion Worlds:

    Area/Zone buffs - gain slight bonuses to (one of) p.atk/m.atk/defense/etc for an area around the town under your control. OR gain bonuses for the entire zone when a large % of zone is under your factions control (like 75%+)
    Increased Rewards - gain increased xp/item drops/ etc around the town; possibly in the form of repeatable daily/weekly quests (or even grinding)
    Town Defense / Attack Bonus - Gain increased influence and favor (i believe favor is the PvP currency, will have to double check) when attacking or defending a ward stone. This should be based off a scaling system: if one side zergs a town, it will be worth little when compaired to an even or somewhat unbalanced fight, players would be rewarded better.
    Dealing with one-sidedness - While a faction should be rewarded for taking a great number of ancient ward stones; if it becomes unbalanced for too long, counter measures need to be put in to encourage the other faction to fight back. Increased rewards for the underdog faction, and even adding in huge Invasions taking back the town to reset them.

    Well thats what I got so far, I will be adding to this as I come up with ideas or they are suggested. I appreciate any input as I want Rift to be a game worth playing for years to come; and, for me, that requires good Open World PvP.
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    Eriaden reacted to vVv Milkyy in Gamer Gear: Meet the folks of SteelSeries! Pt.3   
    Gamer Gear: Meet the folks of SteelSeries! Pt.3

    By Jordan "Doomhammer" Kahn

    As I continue to slog through all my SDCC material (I have no idea how to edit this Sylvester Stallone interview about The Expendables) the good folks of vVv Gaming have another cool video featuring their partnership with local gaming equipment company SteelSeries:

    In Part 1 of vVv Gaming's interview with SteelSeries Chief Marketing Officer Kim Rom, Kim mentioned that one of the reasons he loved being with SteelSeries was because the company wanted to improve upon technology and products, rather than just making them look cooler.

    Now, in the third installment of vVv's Interview with Kim Rom, we get to see all the same
    attention to detail and passion for quality applied to products specifically for console players.

    See the video after the jump!

    When SteelSeries first began designing a headset for console, they brought one of vVv Gaming's top competitive players to their Chicago Headquarters. In a day-long meeting, they discussed as many possible aspects of hardware in relation to console gaming as they could think of, and when the first prototypes of the headset were made they incorporated as much of the input as could be fit onto a prototype. Twice more, vVv members were brought to the headquarters to try out the headsets and give feedback. Each time, the suggestions made during the previous visit had been implemented, showing an incredible capacity and willingness to create a product that would meet the needs of gamers.

    Here is part 3 of our 3-part video series with Kim Rom, CMO of SteelSeries:

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    Eriaden reacted to Celesti in Secrets of vVv in Rift   
    This is just random observations I've made of different MMO guild mates. It is not supposed to make any sense and it's all in good fun.

    Myself (Celesti): Really twisted mind. Loves throwing forum topics way off topic and blowing stuff out of proportion.

    Martini: What can I say about you? You helped start the 'tini' epidemic. Great person to hang out with.

    Avii: You are secretly in love with Amped. No one is entirely sure why. Word of caution to keep your distance.

    Sycness: Apparently loves dancing naked in a plate bikini. Provides great entertainment on Mumble from phone calls with his fianc
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    Eriaden reacted to Martini in Secrets of vVv in Rift   
    Yeah Martini's kick ass! I'm actually drinking my whine out of a martini glass right now!
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    Eriaden reacted to vVv LordJerith in Secrets of vVv in Rift   
    If anyone asks. . . I am the pretty one.
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    Eriaden reacted to vVv LordJerith in How Playing Video Games Can Boost Your Career   
    How Playing Video Games Can Boost Your Career
    Oliver Chiang, Forbes.com

    Elliot Noss, chief executive of domain-name provider Tucows, has spent the past five years training to become a better leader. How? By playing World of Warcraft for six to seven hours a week.

    "You have these events [in World of Warcraft] that are very leadership-driven," Noss says. "For example, when you're in a raid that's poorly led, it's really easy to see how valuable are skills like managing the social dynamic, making sure there was the right level of preparation, and making sure that there was a clear hierarchy in terms of who is performing what roles."

    In World of Warcraft, each action, even a small task like hunting an animal, has a purpose and fits into a broader framework. Similarly, Noss has set up frameworks at Tucows that allow employees to understand how day-to-day tasks impact the company.

    He does this, in part, by giving employees a broader narrative and context for their work. Noss does a regular lunchtime series called Tucows Lore. Around 20 employees come to each session. Noss plays the company poet, telling tales of Tucows over the years--its heroes, its villains, battles with large telecommunications companies, or the early days of the domain-registration market. "The feedback is fantastic. It helps people feel they are part of something bigger," Noss says.

    Noss's efforts seem to be paying off. He says he has seen employee satisfaction rise and turnover decrease by a noticeable percentage.

    Gaming your way to success
    To be sure, video games have long been thought of as distractions to work and education, rather than aids. But there is a growing school of thought that says game-playing in moderation, and in your free time, can make you more successful in your career.

    "We're finding that the younger people coming into the teams who have had experience playing online games are the highest-level performers because they are constantly motivated to seek out the next challenge and grab on to performance metrics," says John Hagel III, co-chairman of a tech-oriented strategy center for Deloitte. Hagel has been studying the effect that playing video games has on the performance of young professionals in the workplace.

    Hagel cites Stephen Gillett, a gamer who became chief information officer of Starbucks while still in his 20s. By playing World of Warcraft, Gillet developed the ability to influence and persuade people through leadership rather than trying to order them around.

    From virtual battlefields to real-world workplaces
    A book published in April called "Your Career Game" discusses how online Xbox games like Modern Warfare 2 can teach players about game theory. The strategies gamers learn in interacting and competing with others in games, assessing different motivations, and finding and utilizing mentors can help employees get ahead in the workplace or help job seekers get an edge in their search. The book was coauthored by Nathan Bennett, a management professor at Georgia Tech, and Stephen Miles, vice chairman of executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles.

    Hagel also says games can cultivate "dispositions" that are valuable in a corporate setting. Video games are often a trial-and-error process where players become accustomed to failure, and learn from it.

    Games can also present players with unexpected challenges and new situations. Gamers learn to respond to, and even seek out, new challenges in order to progress. They also learn to improvise, and are thus more likely to be able to solve problems creatively when there is no solution to be found in a manual.

    Your brain on games
    Games can train you to manage and organize high volumes of information. Luis Corujo, an archivist at the Portuguese National Archives and a professor at a private university in Portugal, credits playing the history game Europa Universalis 2 with helping him learn how to research historical information and sift through archives.

    And of course, games are competitive. "There's a player-versus-self aspect: 'I want to beat my high score or keep the streak alive,'" says Ross Smith, director of product testing at Microsoft's Unified Communications Group. Smith says he has seen some impressive productivity gains using games as a way of motivating product testing teams.

    Video games can also inspire entrepreneurship. In 2004 then 22-year-old David Storey entered the Guinness World Records as having bought the "most valuable object that is virtual," a virtual island in the online game Project Entropia, for a whopping $26,500. Far from being a digital sucker, Storey had moneymaking in mind: He now runs the island as a virtual game preserve, making $100,000 a year from taxes he charges hunters on his island. Being a virtual property owner, says Storey, has taught him a lot more about business than he ever thought a game could.

    Does that mean entries like "guild leader" or "virtual island business owner" will become more common on resumes? Not yet, but maybe soon. Says Hagel, "I anticipate in the not-too-distant future this will be as standard a part of your resume as where you went to school."

    For more, see "In Pictures: 10 Ways Video Games Can Boost Your Career."

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