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    Rantech got a reaction from rebeconrannyM in vVvRantech - SC2   
    Name: José Recart.

    Age: 20.

    What is your in game name : vVvRantech,270

    How long have you been playing competitively?
    I've been playing a lot of SC2 since the release, but professionally, since August 26th 2011.
    Link to all social media sites used.(Twitter/Facebook/youtube channel):

    How frequently do you use Facebook and Twitter?:
    Twitter pretty much everyday. FB not that often.

    What current division are you in and how many points do you have? (SC2 Applicable):
    Protoss, Masters around 1100 pts.

    Have you attended any national events? (MLG, ESEA, WCG?)
    Conecta 2010 SC2 event. (4th place)
    WCG Chile 2011 SC2 event. (4th place)

    Are you shy around people you don't know?
    Not really, but i am very observative.

    Link us to some of your best personal achievements.
    I don't feel like i have achivened anything important in the game yet. The closest things to that, which felt good were my all kill vs oGd(5-0) and my showmatch vs Waffles's mech (4-0)

    What was your biggest loss or disappointment in gaming? Why did you lose that match?
    It wasn't a game exactly, but it has to do with my first WCG experience earlier this year. You can learn more about that here. http://www.vvv-gamin...0-my-first-wcg/

    How can you PERSONALLY benefit vVv Gaming?
    I am playing SC2 full time, i will be a great gamer because of my dedication and my true love towards the game. I do also understand a lot about marketing related to eSports. I am very good looking.... OH and i can re-tweet stuff to my fans^^.

    What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming?
    Working out and keeping myself healthy.

    Do you think you have what it takes?
    ^ ^
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    Rantech got a reaction from tusnuartdug in Overlay for Starcraft 2 Streamers.   
    Thanks, good job!.

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