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    Namorah reacted to RoxsicK (Ex-vVv) in Should vVv Start Playing Guild Wars now?   
    Yes there is, you can create an insta-cap PvP only toon. And from there you can join multiple different "battle-ground-esq" instances off the bat, also you can spectate GvG matches, its really entertaining.
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    Namorah reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Week Two   
    I'm honestly kind of baffled that people are leaving because... we suck if we aren't 50 yet? I'm kind of dumbfounded by that sentiment and if anyone could explain it to me I'd be much obliged. From my point of view I am leveling as fast as I can. Assuming I dropped everything else and focused exclusively on leveling every night, I might be half a level farther than I currently am. Quests provide a ton of experience, especially in a group, and I don't see anyone offering any alternatives or offering advice on how to level faster.

    It doesn't mean I suck if I don't know about any other ways to level, it means I don't have knowledge of them. I have done rifting, PvP (both world and warfronts), instances, questing, and (as a result of questing) grinding mobs. Up to this point the most efficient method seems to be questing.

    I wasn't part of beta and everything about this game is new to me. If the level 50s are dissatisfied with the progress of the other members of the guild, then why aren't they offering advice and helping? Are you really that elitist that you see us as a lost cause because we can't quit our jobs and play Rift all day?

    To be perfectly honest, by keeping to your clique and talking about how much the rest of the guild sucks behind our backs, I would say YOU are the ones that suck. I have only seen two level 50s actively helping the lower level players: Toxicity and Musclshark. The rest of you, as far as I know, are doing nothing unless it benefits you directly. Yet we are supposed to bend over backwards and meet your demands to drop everything and power level (assuming we aren't already)? Think about that for a minute.

    Communication is more important than anything else in order to establish a successful team. Those of us in the lower levels communicate with each other all the time, and that exchange of information and banter has helped us grow into a much more unified group. I will end this by asking the level 50s: do you want to be a part of that, or do you want to grumble in isolation about how much you hate the guild because it's a bunch of sucky noobs?

    MMOs aren't worth playing if your goal is to be the best unwashed fat 35 year old nerd living in your parents' basement. MMOs are good because of the community involvement. If you aren't satisfied with the community at level 50, then I would suggest helping the lower levels rather than QQ-ing out of the guild. Build the community instead of quitting out of it.
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    Namorah got a reaction from Eriaden in Eriaden   
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    Namorah got a reaction from Eriaden in Eriaden   
    Aww He was just cheating to get his post count up! Lynch him!
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    Namorah got a reaction from Eriaden in Eriaden   
    Popped into a black gardens instance, and low and behold, it's ERIADEN! Long time no see! This guy is a BEAST pvp'er, and once he finds his niche here, I'll lay money on him being one of the most formidable pvp'ers. He's great at arranging groups, setting and managing objectives, and takes his time to make sure he's at top notch performance personally. He's been the top ranked Loremaster on 2 LOTRO servers for nearly a year and a half now that I know of personally, and thrives on small group vs small group combat. I was really thrilled to see him here, and even more thrilled to see him here without a guild tag /ninja recruit!

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