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  1. Jerry, Since meeting you and Jordan in rift, I've learned a lot, seen a lot, and done a lot. I can honestly say you, vVv gaming in it's entirety, and the people within it in the short time I was actively playing within it changed the way I viewed gaming and the communities that make it what it is. Thank you for all that you have done, and all that you will continue to do, You couldn't leave anything in better hands than Jordan's who has had such a great example so close to learn from and be supported by. Much respect, and thank you Sir for all that you have put into this great community, and just being who you are. Best wishes on your future endeavors, I hope they are just as fruitful.
  2. Little turned off by the graphics and the game engine.. looks really clunky. BUT, beyond that, it's pretty much EXACTLY what I've been wanting... mostly pvp, some pve, no HUGE grind, smaller set fights instead of the skilless zergs... Clunkiness you get used to and don't even notice anymore. I'll dedicate at least 3 months to giving it a good chance. Be a nice change to play something that was more skill based than literally obliterating an opponent in 3 seconds flat with a cookie cutter character. Buying the set this weekend to get it moving along.
  3. This is the one I'm waiting for <3
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This!!!
  5. ** Removed my post from the first day you put this thread up. Due to recent events, I no longer have interest in raiding, and you can take me off the list. Thank you.
  6. That's just it, there does not need to be a ''hard and fast'' rule on this. It's called consideration. No one is OBLIGATED to help the guild, Drin included. Telling him to just NOT do it is a bit...gruff. There are a number of options available. Like I said, offer them to guild at lower costs at the very least if you feel that you must sell them to maintain yourself. We are not set up to do dkp or tell people what they can or cannot roll on for whatever reason, and I'm not sure anyone really wants to get into making it that starched here for very little reason. Making people have 1-2 in their inventory isn't helpful either. I've run tons of instances so far, and only won one of them myself. People that don't have the time or the cash, are like me and roll really crappy for loot, etc would be left out. This is just a gentle reminder that they ARE needed, people are paying for them, and they're becoming increasingly more difficult to get both time and cost wise, and any help on that front is greatly appreciated. As for rolling on anything, if it is something you plan on selling, it is a GREED roll. That simple. If you are going to use it to better yourself or the guild, then obviously need is the way to go. ESPECIALLY on guild runs, no one expects that level of consideration or respect in some pug you run with.
  7. Well, there's no set way that we're using to determine loot besides if people need whatever the item is. Out of the gate, these souls were/are up for need roll, but that was with the intention that they would stay in the guild, not roll against guildmates, then sell it on AH. I don't think anyone here really wants to go into setting things up where there's consequences, but maybe people just didn't realize that the guild as a whole DOES need them, and Drin is forking out just under 100 plat per each ten of these to open each raid rift. I wouldn't blame him myself if he just walked away from it after having this happen after as much work as he's put into it personally. Bottom line is: PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE. Anyone that wants to help out, Drin is the one that is mostly taking it on himself to get the rep, the materials, the lures, and organize the raid rifts. If you have any corrupted souls, please get a hold of him, and at least offer a lower cost than 10 plat a piece if you feel you must sell them somewhere. He does NOT need the malformed souls, those are for the smaller group/expert rifts, and I think Amped is more taking those on than anyone else unless I'm mistaken. (I'll double check that later on today) Thanks.
  8. I hate to have to say it, but these corrupted souls are getting REALLY expensive for the person that buys them and provides them for the guild. Drin has been busting his hump to make plat to buy these and be ready for the guild when they want to go open one, including farming rep so that he's able to open them. When they're up to ten plat a piece, guildies are selling stacks of them on the AH after rolling need for them in guild runs, and he has to buy them OFF THE AH from these guildies, that's a bit of a slap in the face when people are chomping at the bit to get in the raid rifts and roll on the loot themselves. Please have a little consideration on things like this. We all know how nice it it to have 100 plat sitting there, but at the cost of a guildie going broke to make sure we can ALL do what and when we want, it's not worth it. At the very least, offer them to guildmates at a lower cost. There is NO guild bank, everything you see the guild doing is coming out of individuals pockets. thanks in advance
  9. Honestly, love the open world and the rift/open world pvp for a couple reasons. At 50, it's difficult to close lvl 50 rifts solo and we all know that's the best source of planarite, it's also fabulous for leveling people >50 and getting them enough planarite to get their source cores/engines, planar focus items. Since world pvp can be sparse at times, the rifting fills in the blanks, and lets other groups find us more readily if they want a fight or vice versa. It also gives us a chance to work with more than 5 people in a group to get those basics of raiding down for the greenscale raid, and all of the things coming up in the future. Teaches teamwork, focus, and adaptation.
  10. UNACCEPTABLE! Didn't people teach you already, sick means stay home and PLAY, not stay home and... well who cares, PLAY ALREADY! Hope you feel better fast
  11. Drin's an awesome chloro, a respectable guy, even trustworthy!!!... go figure Glad to have him in vVv's rift guild, and would love to see him make it in the community/organization as well!
  12. lol lucky you... think I've put in about 6000 reports in the last month. Not even more than a ''sorry this is taking so long'' reply by email. all of them are still in game even and up to last week or so were still afk'ing.
  13. Not a horrible idea at all, but some of us don't liberally live on twitter. Even for those that don't, it's still not a terrible idea to have that info all out in the open via twitter.
  14. Heh thanks Please remember to update what you need here guys... not a lot of things coming in since most people are through leveling their main crafts, but when things do come in, they come in batches that take up a good deal of space I need!
  15. Ha, that's why it was getting sent back :/ Will send it off to Blaze. Thanks. Sorry for the three day break in keeping things moving guys, had a major PC crash to sift through.

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