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  1. In WvW, maybe you could see it. But it would take an absurd amount of money to upkeep. Even then you give a 10% advantage to noobs, they are still going to lose. I would disagree, this debate came up a ton in DAoC esp with Relic Raids. What wins/loses WvW will be 1. Organization, 2. Coordination, 3. Active players throughout the week Not how much seige you have. If you are noticably more organized/coordinated than your enemies, you can easily overpower seige/develope tactics to ignore it. There are many abilities in the game to deal with projectiles and many tactics from other games that transfer direclty over that can help. I would highly suggest looking up WAR, DAOC RvR and taking notes.
  2. The Thief build is basically a condition build with shared venom. The Thief/Necro combination is VERY strong for condition damage. This team comp could apply basically all the conditions in the game. The guardian build is a condition removal build. It has the most you can get on a Guardian while focusing around Meditiations. The damage is meh and I think Scepter/Sh would of probably been better for more control as ZD on Sword is way too avoidable, not to mention the immo for switching into GS and getting a good spin or none dodged 5. The Banner/Hammer warrior is a brand new meta, and is ridiculous all around. It's a very solid strong build. The Ele build is the only thing in this comp that should be NERFD. 13K hp, but because of how crazy healing is from Water Attunement and Self + 1200 healing. Basically this Ele shows a "healer" build, thus I feel it will be nerfed otherwise Anet will permit a part of trinity.
  3. I got a bottle of Grey for my Bday, saving it for launch day.
  4. Constant synergy basically implies that all the other functions of a good team and being able to play off of each other's calls. Constant IMPORTANT communication is also part of synergy, knowing who will call what when they should. But before all of this, on a team level, is KNOWING the game. Someone not knowing a build, not knowing a map, not knowing any types of meta could severely hurt the team. Everyone should be on the same basic/advance level of knowledge if you want to compete at a high level. If you look at SC2 for example, professional players will spend hours a day watching other teams/players play. They try to perceive and understand their thought process and how to counter it.
  5. BoK's 2nd mechanic is a big one, having builds for Engi, Necro, Guardian around saving/keeping your treb can go a long way. Being locked into a spec that may not be optimal for that one map/mechanic can make a huge difference for your team. Simply being able to change a "tab" and gear isn't that much of an advantage as long as it's pre-match or pre-game. I can see how you wouldn't want "map" specific builds for professions building, but that's up to Anet to balance.
  6. Clear statement of needing OBS I also like that they mentioned they may change rotations. As far as Traits v Maps, I hope that out of a tournament we can save templates or atleast Trait Tabs for quick swaps before a map.
  7. I enjoy a tastey drink, I only drink good rum so a rum and coke is out of the question. What's with all the hate, come on Seir you know you like smirnoff! Oh wait your canadian.... you must enjoy draft more lol.
  8. Yep, sadly 10v10 will only derail further than 8v8, the needed feedback players will not recieve, leading to further uneducated, and retarded builds made by players who haven't don't tournament play. Already on guru forums, there are tons of players like this who argue about how a build is valid in Spvp casual thus it must be viable in tournament play. Doubt it
  9. 3 Day head start, probably the first day Get to Rank 25 between my Guardian and Necro to get use to the changes. Probably the 3rd day do some PvE and get to level 15 or 20 just in case I want to do some WvW. Got a huge bag of almonds, some yogurt and Smirnoff.
  10. That is actually really bad in MMO and competitive play. We term it "tunnel vision". When Playing an MMO it's best to have as many enemies as possible in your screen so you can watch for moves/skills and play accordingly or counter. GW2 is big on this. Knowing when to dodge and when to attack/switch targets is probably the biggest issue with 90% of GW2 players. A good way to move is to use WASD and hold down RIGHT CLICK to turn the camera. Most of the time I'm playing those are the keys getting pressed the most.
  11. Uhhh... really? Maybe cause your not close enough to the target? Also you must target either through the use of TAB or left click on target.
  12. Any word if vVv is going to start recruiting for teams? http://www.guildwars2guru.com/forum/54-looking-for-pvp-team-members/
  13. I can if I got nothing to do once I'm on. If there is something I can help you out through typing, let me know. Here are a few quick tips: 1. Skills 6-0 should be re-bound (binded to a different key) closer to WASD. > Most players will bind them to E,R,F,C,V,B,G / I would suggest E,R,T, C,V,B, Z 2. Learn to dodge and put it on a dedicated bind, double tap is horrible. 3. Look up Gw2build.com to check out all skills and builds, you can aslo look up other peoples thoughts on builds. 4. Go to the team paradigm forums if your intrested in spvp and look up the discussions about particiluar professions your intrested in playing. 5. Switch Weapon Swap from ` to Q 6. If you have an MMO mouse rebind 6-0 to it.
  14. @Seir: I like gummy bears every once in a while, bite the heads off first always! @Tak: I'm all about Tpvp, I like WvW and will probably participate in it on down time, but not my preference. I like Offensive more because If i'm not in a zerg busting group, I'll probably make one. +5years of DAoC

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