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    Joshua Cowles
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    Dimondale, MI
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    Call of Duty 4 & Gears of War
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    Italian, Mexican, and Chinese
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    Well besides gaming I coach a 14-under baseball team during the summer named the Lasing Capitals. Baseball is the love of my life there is nothing I would rather do then sit back and watch the Detroit Tigers play. Its not just baseball Im a huge sports buff anything to do with sports I would love to talk about it. I also love music a good rock concert and a couple beers it doesnt get any better than that.

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  1. Man cant believe my account was still active it's been 10 years since I left vVv. Good to see exodus move up in the ranks always been a good dude. Anyways just wanted to say hi and say the website looks good.
  2. Look at this guy. Exodus is the boss now huh, congrats
  3. iTumTum

    vVv at Columbus!

    2 Pro Teams, maybe
  4. iTumTum

    Method Application

    not much just chilling, well good luck with the app pimping
  5. iTumTum

    Method Application

    ^^^ Stop Spamming ^^^
  6. That is the reason why applications are open to the community, So that they can voice there opinion
  7. why post that ^^^^
  8. iTumTum

    PanDaMoS App

    my bad wrong guy lmaooooooo
  9. iTumTum

    PanDaMoS App

    perfect fit for vVv he deserves back in.
  10. Phoenix and I have remained pretty good friends and I think he deserves to be let back In
  11. Apoc is a Loyal Person and good guy to have around.

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