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    Joshua Cowles
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    Well besides gaming I coach a 14-under baseball team during the summer named the Lasing Capitals. Baseball is the love of my life there is nothing I would rather do then sit back and watch the Detroit Tigers play. Its not just baseball Im a huge sports buff anything to do with sports I would love to talk about it. I also love music a good rock concert and a couple beers it doesnt get any better than that.

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  1. Man cant believe my account was still active it's been 10 years since I left vVv. Good to see exodus move up in the ranks always been a good dude. Anyways just wanted to say hi and say the website looks good.
  2. iTumTum

    vVv at Columbus!

    2 Pro Teams, maybe
  3. iTumTum

    Method Application

    not much just chilling, well good luck with the app pimping
  4. iTumTum

    Method Application

    ^^^ Stop Spamming ^^^
  5. That is the reason why applications are open to the community, So that they can voice there opinion
  6. why post that ^^^^
  7. iTumTum

    PanDaMoS App

    my bad wrong guy lmaooooooo
  8. iTumTum

    PanDaMoS App

    perfect fit for vVv he deserves back in.
  9. Phoenix and I have remained pretty good friends and I think he deserves to be let back In
  10. Apoc is a Loyal Person and good guy to have around.
  11. iTumTum

    Hero's Application

    hope you get back in I miss that girly voice

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