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  1. i have my Army drill sat-sunday the 9th/10th it double sucks... because my fiancee's shower is on the 10th, and i have to miss that too ps - sorry for not being online last night... but fornicating > Rift :/
  2. im surprised that you have skills on ur bar, lyso! haha
  3. DONE! Doing AP already - on 3rd boss atm, will post when we're done/finished
  4. 5/6 in expert CC. Last boss is pretty bugged, and a PAIN to run back to if nobody can res. Suppose to be a patch tomorrow? So maybe they'll fix her a little more. We'll see.
  5. will be 50 one day! no but umm... im 5 piece t1, 2 t2 blues, 2 t2 purps with 127 toughhy and 123 hit ( yes, tanks LIKE hit... but dont NEED i guess... ) AND yes, anytime im on and not exhausted... feel free to hit me up and see if im available to do a t1 or some rifting or w/e. More than happy to help gear out ppl who want it.
  6. haha... im waiting for organized PvP... until then, I'll "slay dragons" as a primary, and camp guardians who get in my way with that being said.... i love lamp that is all
  7. http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0cghE..EgRussisdrz.xE I have several other builds that I use for specific bosses ( The council in DD and Warden in RD ) and I will link that in a little bit... as well as any other bosses I have spec'd for specifically... and a raid spec when I get to that point For now, I have 11 pts in voidknight for Warden and Council ( For purge ) and 4 pts in warlord for the armor buff
  8. still looking for more people t2 worthy ( 100 hit/focus ) to try out for runs did 3/5 in RD tonight, got the the 4th boss and were just too tired, lol let us know in game, or a message in here if u wanna get a run in with us in a t1

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