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    Hasuu got a reaction from vVv LordJerith in vVvHasuu is back!   
    Hello everyone,
    Been nearly a few years since I've been with vVv. How is everyone doing? Anyone planning on revisiting SC2: LOTV? I certainly am, and I am looking to bring a community, and a semi-professional/pro-am team back to vVv.
    Whose coming with me?

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    Hasuu got a reaction from vVv LordJerith in Replay Reviews for Community Members   
    I will go over your replay and give it a quick review. I will let you know what can be done to improve your game. After you have had some time to correct your mistakes, you can email me once again for me to see your improvement.

    I'm keeping this as Protoss only for now. There are other talented individuals in this community with resources to help. I may open this to Terran and Zerg, but for now we will start here. I can only play Terran and Zerg at a mid master level.


    1. What was the build you were going for? Why?

    I simply want to know why you chose the build, and if it was because of map, positioning etc.

    2. What do you think you did well?
    3. What do you think you can do better for next time.

    Please post your replay in the thread. Any follow ups on your improvements will go to my email @ hasu17@gmail.com.
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    Hasuu got a reaction from BlameGame in SC2 mini patch+ Opinions on sc2 generally   
    Oh my god. Queens starting at 50 energy? That is o.O. I like the overlord speed change.

    Decreased observer time is welcomed, and they are right that the early-mid game Terran is too good, while the late game Protoss is also very good. Glad it's acknowledged. However, they make the mistake to say its only a problem at the very pro level. I think its a problem across the board on the semi-pro and professional levels.

    I would of been cool with a couple seconds faster root time on the crawlers - instead of queen energy at 50 now. I am really excited to see how things pan out.

    Subtle small, tiny changes and what is exactly what needs to be done.

    LoL is always impressing me, and its built obviously for live spectator friendly 24/7. Yet the SC2 community cries over the first 9 minutes of their build order being shown. You can see why blizzard wouldnt implement anything where they could watch or obs a game such as ladder. Its all going to be streaming events.
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    Hasuu got a reaction from Zephyrus in Music while playing SC2?   
    Dubstep, Metal, Trance, PsyTrance, Hard Dance, Hard Trance, Electro House, Progressive, Techno, Heavy Metal..

    shit just about everything I guess..

    omfg what is dubstep?>!?!?

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    Hasuu got a reaction from Zephyrus in PrismatkCORE's application :D   
    I totally forgot to reply on your app, Justin! Sorry .

    Highly recommend this guy to vVv. Good hearted, highly talented in music and gaming, and works pretty hard to improve.
    He's also basically family because he's dating my sister! Beware... all eyes watch you now... .. .. ... .. .. .. j/k

    A Star Craft family brewing. Two sisters, a brother, and my old man play. Now Justin. Keep em coming everyone!

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