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  1. Formally know as Sugar, whats the story behind the name change?

  2. Hey guys, is anyone playing R6S on pc? Looking to group up with some people
  3. Looking for PC Rainbow Six Siege players. Does vVv have any?

  4. im def interested in this! see you all wednesday on mumble
  5. i dont think u can get houses because ur F2P
  6. Hey, i didnt actually get to try archeage yet, does anyone wanna group up to do the landgrab? preferably ppl who have done it, i dont want to get lost, or take to long while doing it
  7. i think im going to have to write the quest names down, dont wanna miss anything
  8. PrEeN


    Hey anyone playing rust on steam? most evil, unforgiving game ive ever played, but when u accomplish something its the best ever! Let me know if anyones playing
  9. My first hexa game our mid got 2 pentas but we never got the penta... was soooo sad
  10. Hey, My brother, Sister, and I are looking for +2 ppl to play league, My sister is very new to the game ( lvl 10 ish ) im pretty new to the game (lvl 20 something) and my brother is lvl 30 ranked silver from last season, looking for 2ppl in that range of skill to practice. Let me know~!
  11. lame, i hate stress tests, and yes i know is under NDA i didnt say anything about it it is not s secret title and me saying the game name does not breach anything or saying that i will test it doesnt either, just wanted some mumble friends while i play
  12. Hey, i just checked my email and found a key to this weekends beta test, will anyone else be joining me this weekend in ESO!?!?!?
  13. PrEeN

    Zombie Report 4

    Its Happened... Zombies are real, Get ready people i told you they were coming! So this is the 4th Zombie Report i am posting, with some very very scary news! a Biologist creates "Zombie Cells" in a lab today, I think they said he works for umbrella but don't quote me on that! But not only do we now have zombies being created, BUT as quoted in the article "The silica replicants can survive greater pressures and temperatures than flesh, and perform many functions better than the original cells did when alive." They are making super zombies! With this statement we know that the zombie Apocalypse wont be of "the dead" series kind I.E Land of the dead, day of the dead, etc. But more like resident evil zombies, which is way scarier! People be scared because the lead researcher Bryan Kaehr is. "Our zombie cells bridge chemistry and biology to create forms that not only near-perfectly resemble their past selves, but can do future work," he said, terrifyingly.... Terrifyingly!! He know what he's doing is dooming us all but he can't not. Because who doesn't want to see how they would do in a zombie apocalypse. Good luck everyone i hope we all make it. To check out the Video and article head here
  14. BETA SPECULATION FOR WEDNESDAY THE 4TH OF DECEMBER!!!!! When Steam updates there games!!! OMG!!!!!
  15. This game is epic! more games should mix super heroes!! one thing i never really cared for is the characters, in this u get to be some of ur favorite heroes, or villans!
  16. facebook not working for anyone else?

  17. I might be going, if i do ill maybe bring wakai, 11 hour drive
  18. Here is another awesome video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdfawUC-NRo they added signing to the game after they made this video Also 3d-Printers. can never go wrong with 3d printers
  19. So starbound is set to go into beta sometime this year and im so exited! If you ever played terraria, and wished the developer didn't abandon the game. and wished the terraria was better. THEN HERE IT IS!!! The game takes place with you on your homeworld. ( multiple races to choose from ) Your planet gets attacked and destroyed, and you manage to flee, you fly away in a ship. you are now responsible for finding your perfect planet and making it your new home world. there are gazillions of planets to explore with all different monsters, biomes, everything. the planets randomly generate, so you can land on a ice planet, or a desert etc. it has the same, run around level up, gather resources, but with different planets, millions of more items, QUESTS!!!... ya QUEST!!!! vehicles. Other cool things. Multiplayer, instruments, pets, QUEST!, dungeons, farming campsites, different threat level for planets, bosses, mini boss's. planets have different day and night cicles. different themes to building blocks. in the video you see very sci-fi looking. but there is all different types. ALL MONSTERS, ( maybe not bosses ) ARE PROCEDURALLY GENERATED!!!!! EVERY planet will have different random creatures uve never seen. heres a video of it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cU56Kh731Q0 and website, every day they give an update of things and what they have added, ive spent hours just going back and back looking at the progression of the game! Here is the I49 Stream of starbound! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTqsIwd4EFU&feature=share http://playstarbound.com/
  20. for smartphones and tablets. bleh
  21. does this server still work?
  22. Hey was wondering if anyone was playing War Thunder. Its kinda like world of tanks, but with plains and awesome. Check it out if u havent. http://warthunder.com/en/free_registration?r=glispa14_CD5854_103_901010-3
  23. IVE ALWAYS BEEN LOOKING TO GET A CAPTURE CARD. one that vvv is reviewing is deff the one im going to get

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