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    go go go Dway!
  2. my thoughts just deceived me :(

  3. Friday the thirteenth... hhm...

  4. it's a good feelings when you work hard for something and people noticed and appreciate it as much or eve more than you.

  5. I think I can be a good actor

  6. so,... I've been struggling A LOT vs Zerg... I think ZvZ is completely different from other match up. especially since zerg has the larva system where if they have 19 larva on each hatch... and they have the money and 5 hatch... here comes 234587204397582943875245 units. (yes my math is awesome!) not to mention a tech switch could be done stealth-ly as well. since all zerg needs is building 1 building. instead of 5+ like terran or protoss. so, some advise I've gotten is to scout and see whether they make drone or units that way I an decide whether I make units or drone. so, I tried that. but I still fail at winning. lol how often am I suppose to scout. because when I say enough, apparently is not enough. I thought I had a good general idea of what they're going. but I just can't figured out their timing, be it their pushing, or timing of when they'll be transitioning to tier 2 or tier 3 or ALOT OF F*&^*&^ question in my mind and I'm pissed. so, any advise is great. especially if people want to grind games with me. peace
  7. gua baru kentut.

  8. la lala lala lala la lala lala lal al a lal alalal a l al alala la l a la lal ala lal a la

  9. something on your mind?

  10. summer has begun.

  11. met my Indonesian brethren on Bnet :)

  12. Tuhan mah ga punya akun Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, dsb. Jadi kalo mau ngeluh dan ngadu tentang kehidupanmu jangan disini. Tapi lakukan dengan cara dan tempat yang benar. Berdoa dan memohonlah kepadanya dengan hatimu bukan dengan keypadmu... ~~ Andy Arshavin

  13. happiness is never eternal, because when it is, it's not as precious as it was. thanks for sadness for I appreciate my happiness more.

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