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  1. Soulfuser, I am playing a rogue on opening day for PVP wanna get together do some warfronts and pwn healers??
  2. DID YOU GUYS SEE THE COMMENT ABOUT vVv-gaming below in the chat stuff in this youtube vid?? http://news.mmosite.com/content/2011-02-03/recommended_mmos_in_february_2011,1.shtml#comment_leave
  3. Casperz you are better off soloing and asking for info on mumble about stuff you can't pick off. I can tell you the fastest leveling will be to get yourself in a raid closing rifts, or get in IT (iron tomb) i think it was called in about 3 levels, with a good tank. I am Sytara on my main and will help out as much as I can. Like I said the key will be mumble and raids!
  4. Thanks for all that great info Jerry! I read it and was like wow they really are thinking about balanced game play across multiple "platforms" ie, raid size and difficulty. Can't wait for monday!
  5. OK i checked out that article where they were downing Rift...i smashed them to pieces...check it out! look at the top posts. http://news.mmosite.com/content/2011-02-03/recommended_mmos_in_february_2011,1.shtml#comment_leave
  6. We can also apply the various builds that we've collectively come up with to this squad system. We can have squads specialize in being anti-magic, frontline juggernauts, aoe, support or whatever it is you want to specialize in. I also know that some recruits may end up becoming more proficient in one thing and may become more useful to another squad so you can trade members if you want. Some of the new recruits may even have a lot of potential to be leaders themselves in which case they can be allowed to form a new squad altogether. So they can have their regular pvp roles and then have another role dedicated to their squad's specialty.. Just imagine seeing chunks of the raid break-off, do the change role animation in a synchronized manner and then start eating mages and clerics while other squads stun-lock their warriors.. =) Sounds like a great way to hit some world PVP in Guardian territory...I am in!
  7. ....Prove it...my challenge to the guild...Beat em even 5 times in a row. It is not enough to make a toon and chat on mumble, you need to think strategy and stay ahead of their plays... you need heals that heal, and you need to protect the healers. It would be a welcome treat to beat em, but, they are already organized, they group together on the battle grounds and they have a strategy. I have PVPed forever, and I am just too tired to run groups anymore. Anyone who played with me in the last beta in the BGS knows I can run a group, so I am not trash talking. I am excited to see this guild rule in PVP, so cya tomorrow. Anyone who wants in PVP let me know. We hit 19 and get our best gear for level outta IT and anywhere else we can and go in and beat em. Just incase Jerith is checking this post we need a Rift PVP channel!
  8. Does the bard ability: Motif of Encouragement: Rather than removing this entirely, it now causes up to 5 surrounding critter mobs to follow the Bard. Lasts 15 seconds. Yes, that means you can have a squirrel army. That is the ability and the effect, will it work in PVP to pull enemy pets off casters and allow the bard to run a distance with them out of combat while healing the party, effectively stopping pets from slowing spellcasters?? This would be a great offset to pets spell stopping casters of all kinds. It would also promote team play so that a toon with bard ability may not dps so much but heal and remove pet aggro.
  9. Hey just for fun, if you haven't done it already, if you have a champion use bull rush right after you jump in the air...kewl graphics. It makes you fly across the distance to the target, just looks kewl.
  10. Ahh kewl! I also have 25 uses on my beta key as well. e-mail me if you want the key, just so I can keep track of how many times it was used!
  11. REally kewl read. I read it to my wife so she could get a feel for the class and the game a bit. She used to be wiccan so it really appealed to her. Thanks for the post!
  12. Sytara: Butcher-120 Outfitter-130 Herbalist-130; as of end of beta 5. Backbreaker? Bonebreaker, can't remember her name: Mining-107; Armorsmith-70ish Alchemist-70s. I am on wool and linen for Sytara if anyone wants wool bags pass me wool it takes 14 pieces to make one bag, plus 5 plain thread. I have been saving my artisians badges on Sytara, I should have 6 but the first day I turned in I didn't get any badges. I am saving for some decent patterns. Check out the Outfitter patterns and tell me what would help you for about level 20ish. I can make TONS of starter heal pots and mana pots yell at me what ya need this Friday (beta 6) and i will make stuff for ya.
  13. I did Iron tombs already so I am with ya on the instance stuff. We have that instance down. dots, more dots....stop dots....dps....Sloowly...

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