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    Avii got a reaction from Wookiee for a blog entry, Defiant PVP Revolution...   
    It is my lunch break so I thought I would write a lil something that I have been reflecting over the last few days...Why does the Defiant play so terribly on warfronts (instanced pvp)?

    For some unknown reason, whenever anyone runs a warfront the Defiant side seems to lose. Is it the players from Harrow or other servers? Is the fact we are all somehow inferior players compared to the guardians? Or is it something more? I plan to answer that very question.

    To begin, let me break down how a typical warfront begins. Players are flooding into the instance and right off the bat nobody communicates. With the exception of:

    Legolass@Harrow: Don't suck...

    There lies an issue. We as players set our standards even before the match begins. We assume that we do not have the skill or the tactics to overcome the other team. We set ourselves up for failure with our attitude.

    So the battles begins and we make a major offensive strike but sometimes it doesn't pan out. Either we are outgunned or not everyone got the plan. Thats when we get....

    Legolass@Harrow: ****, you guys can't play. GG

    Yet again team morale is lowered. Players like me generally then type in chat some sort of motivation but it falls on deaf ears. It is at this point where the team crumbles and everyone gets into this feral pack mentality. "If we can't beat them through the objective of the game, we will take as many of them down with us..." A very noble and stubborn mentality. It has its uses. Yet when there is still a chance that a team can pull out a victory, let's play with our heads and not our animal instincts.

    So the the match is over and we get end game commentary from our pal....

    Legolass@Harrow: You guys ****ing suck. Idiots...

    The irony is that Legolass did the least amount of work during the match. So spirits broken, we queue up for another match, already expecting defeat.

    So! You ask..."Avii how does one fix our situation?" I chuckle and reply "Simple...We create change through attitude and team communication!"

    Think of yourself as a pro athlete, well if your reading this, you're in vVv Gaming so we already have that mentality in our very being... See every match as a chance to redeem a lose. Or see every match as a time to hone your skills for end game content. Go in there with a positive attitude. Think "I am going to help my team win this match through (insert what you do best)". The next part is to make you team feel the same way.

    You must get your team thinking like that. You have to communicate the goal and tell the team how to do it. Be like a Roman general leading the mercenaries of the legion. Players look out only for themselves, so entice them by appealing to that side. A win for them...Is a win for you. Also do not forget this key rule. Other players are like sheep, bark out an order and 90% of the time people will follow it. Just make a logical order. So instead of jumping on your mount waiting for the match to start perhaps try this out....

    Avii: Group 1, you are on codex defense!
    Avii: Group 2, you are to tag the other points
    Avii: Group 3, you run around and gank guardians but help with defense, if needed

    Now sometimes this may work, and sometimes it won't work. Yet it is a step in the right direction, and that direction is in server domination. It's about time that the Defiant stood up and showed the Guardians why they don't fuck with us. So vVv Gaming members, lead the way in this Defiant revolution! Show Rift that we are here to entertain, educate and most importantly fucking dominate!

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