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  1. Dear work... Please stop putting me on inventory... I got a marketing diploma for a reason...

  2. Dear work... Please stop putting me on inventory... I got a marketing diploma for a reason...

  3. Dear work... Please stop putting me on inventory... I got a marketing diploma for a reason...

  4. Avii

    Trevor's Re-Re-Re App

    If Rox says he is a good guy, then I believe it. Best of luck Trevor!
  5. The world is my oyster today!

  6. Avii

    Avii's Officer Application!

    Cometh at mine person, swine!
  7. Avii

    Avii's Officer Application!

    Christi I'll try really hard not to make you RP.
  8. It is simple to enter and there is a great prize for the winner. Be sure to post your stories there, cause we would love to hear em!
  9. Hey vVv Gaming, With MLG Orlando this weekend we’re throwing a contest for our Facebook fans! What do you gotta do? We want to hear from you about your favorite moment from the streams and from the event! The vVv teams and players are working hard in Orlando and we want them to know that the community is behind them! Tune into the MLG streams, tweet about how well vVv is doing (Use hashtags #BelievVve and #vVv) and join the community in the forum shoutbox or on mumble. Finally, post your favorite MLG Orlando moment in the comment section of this note! Maybe you got a shoutout from one of our players, or perhaps you saw vVv on the stream at a Barcraft. Whatever the moment we want to hear it. Rules/Guidelines You're MLG moment must be posted in the comment section of the note on the vVv Gaming Facebook page Keep your stories short and sweet (No more than 200 characters) You can only post once (so make it count) The deadline for entries is Oct 20, 2011 So what's in it for you? The vVv Staff will review all the entries and will select a winner who will receive volume #1 and #2 of the Gears of War graphic novels! Due to shipping this contest is only valid to North America fans, though we would still love to hear your MLG moments from around the world. The winner will be announced here on the Facebook page before the 23rd. So here’s your chance to win some free stuff for supporting vVv and eSports! Go out there and show your vVv spirit! Prove that we’re a community of gamers that EDUCATES, ENTERTAINS and DOMINATES!
  10. A great write up! I envy the fact you were able to go to Korea.... *shakes fist* Though I am glad that you had a great time.
  11. Avii


    *facepalm* Well if Runescape gets a title then Family Guy Online will need a title as well. It's only fair!
  12. Gaze upon the game that will change the genre of MMO's forever! Look at the glory of this IP! O who needs Char necromancers and Sith Inquistors? When you can be an unknown Family Guy character! Imagine the deep combat system. Our characters powers come from the very fabric of the world, comedy and pop culture references! "80's cartoon reference attack!" It stuns enemies with nostalgia and damages them for 15dmg over 3sc. Think of the amazing arena style pvp at the Drunken Clam! Or better yet, could Joe be a possible raid boss!? Well the game has zero announcements but I am already thinking we should start recruiting on the forums. Thoughts?
  13. Price wise though....Nothing will ever be more expensive the Niagara Falls... I went there to celebrate Halloween and good lord the prices of drinks were disgusting... Anywho back to the food ideas! I got an idea for bundle deals, all items can be found in the thread (2 can dine for one,etc) "Fresh from the Barracks" The deal comes a pint of beer in a tall blue stein, the firebat wings and Hyperion burger! "Glory to the Overmind!" The deal comes with a Baneling Bust, the Queen of Blades potato skins and the Grilled Hatchery "My life for Auir!" The deal comes with a Vespane Gas Soda and vodka, Xel'Naga Gumbo and I dream of Aiur Cheesecake
  14. I have always wanted to do a barcraft event, except non of my buddies can hold their liquor to well. Thank god for my Ukrainian genetics! I am able to enjoy all the finer drinks in life.
  15. Well Devastation wrap is posted and pics are uploaded to the Facebook page....Time for some sleep!

  16. I need to visit this place... Mutalisk wings sound delicious!
  17. Well I got a few ideas: Queen of Blades potato skins - Your typical potato skins with bacon,cheese, sour cream, chives but with a lot of spice! Hyperion Burger - A grade A Alberta beef burger made and dressed to your liking. Peameal bacon on the burger is a popular option Vespane Gas Cola - A light green cola in the vain of blue pepsi Firebat Wings - We have gotten combined the sweetness of southern bbq sauce with a kick from south of the border. These two flavours have to come together to sweetly burn the crap out of your mouth! The wings are grilled and then lathered with the sauce and then baked. I dream of Aiur cheesecake - A blueberry cheesecake drizzled with a blueberry jelly sauce Xel'Naga Gumbo - A great chicken and sausage gumbo served over a bed of cajun rice. Zergling prawns are an option on the side. Jim Raynor Special - Take every hard liqour in the bar and mix it in a giant jug. Serve on the rocks and with a side of regret and character development. Mottos: "When you require more resources, we are here to fill ya up" " *restaurant name* Where even your most trusted allies and hated foes come to share a drink" " *restaurant name* We have been infestation free for 3 days" "When hotpockets aren't enough, you'll know where to find us" "Zergs are foaming at the mouth just to try our staff....Wait stuff we mean stuff!"
  18. It's #Bastion time kids! Where your only companions are a hammer and the best narrator ever!

  19. Bring minis games...Stop being so awesome. Your pal, Justin

  20. This is how we handle our business! 2012 is gunna be one hell of a year!
  21. Note to self make a BLT before some LoL tonight!

  22. I am prepared to lose myself to yet again another rpg.
  23. Avii

    Professions =D

    Yeah... I'm totally gunna rock a norn elementalist as my main and then a char necromancer as an alt. Unless they announce a mesmer, then char mesmer.
  24. Avii

    Flower's App

    Welcome to vVv Molly! Best of luck with your app and I can't wait to see the awesome things will you do for the community!
  25. Gods help me... I have Queen's Flash Gordon song in my head...FLASH!!!AAHAA!! SAVIOUR OF THE UNIVERSE!!!

    1. RoxsicK (Ex-vVv)

      RoxsicK (Ex-vVv)

      Princes of the universe >

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