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    vVv OrganicBear got a reaction from WIZARD (Ex vVv) in Wizard's Application   
    Hey you've done a really great job with the activity level, so I've decided to bring you on for a pre-interview. Are you available this Friday from around 8 PM to 10 PM EST for about an hour?
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    vVv OrganicBear got a reaction from tdetinseter in Tae Application   
    Application closed due to inactivity.
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    vVv OrganicBear got a reaction from exethkeat in Tae Application   
    Application closed due to inactivity.
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    vVv OrganicBear got a reaction from WIZARD (Ex vVv) in haCkCarlos application   
    Just checking in again. We don't require applicants to spam posts in every thread. If you just look around for 1 post per day (on average) that catches your attention and leave an intelligent comment on it, that's sufficient. If you don't see anything, feel free to leave a post saying what's on your mind. We have a forum for just about any topic you could think of, so feel free to post away.

    So you mentioned going to the gym. What kind of gym routine do you follow?
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    vVv OrganicBear got a reaction from WIZARD (Ex vVv) in Can this title be a competitive eSports title?   
    If Nascar can be huge and FPS can be esport I don't see why this couldn't work.

    I hope by "We designed this to be an esport" they mean "We designed rich spectator features to make it a delight to watch and commentate".
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    vVv OrganicBear got a reaction from Czar in Eisenhower's Application   
    That would explain it, I never liked history lol
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    vVv OrganicBear got a reaction from Zephyrus in Starcraft 2 Team Training Nights   
    It's time to get serious. Wanna watch our SC2 team practice? We are now holding practice every Sunday and Monday from 8 PM until 11 PM EST. The Starcraft 2 team will be training together to improve for major LAN events and tournaments. In the spirit of vVv Gaming, the team wants you, any vVv member or applicant, to come spectate their games. Bring a practice partner, too.

    By bringing a large group of players together, we will allow players in our SC2 community to find each other and even set up practice games with each other—although our SC2 team will only be playing with other members of the SC2 team. Anybody who wants to find a practice partner for SERIOUS training is welcome to come, but this is not a social event.

    The first Training Night will take place this Sunday, September 4th in the SC2 mumble channel "Training Night".
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    vVv OrganicBear got a reaction from bradyce2 in Can I get some help with tilts and losings streaks?   
    First, don't take cheese personally. Everyone is playing to win, and just because their methods are not the same as you would use, doesn't make it a personal affront or commentary on your playstyle.

    Source: http://www.sirlin.ne...ates-guide.html

    Next, learn to deal with difficult people. Getting pissed off and calling them names doesn't help you toward your goal. In fact, it's scientific fact that when you get angry you are less focused and physically incapable of performing the tiny precise mouse movements needed to be playing at your best.

    Source: http://www.lifehack....bother-you.html

    Listen to some music that will help you calm down and stay calm.


    Last, pick something to work on. Don't focus or care about winning or losing, only on doing the thing that you picked to work on well. This allows you to measure your success not on the outcome of the game, which depending who Battle.net matches you with may be pre-ordained, but in how well you improved toward your goal of not missing injects, or not missing chronoboosts, or stacking your workers on close mineral patches, or splitting your workers, or any of a number of other mechanics and micro that you might choose to work on. This also keeps you focused on improving your game, which is ultimately what you need to do to earn wins, not insulting other players for cheesing.
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    vVv OrganicBear got a reaction from Sweep in ZvT   
    You're thinking of banelings.
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    vVv OrganicBear got a reaction from Czar in PvP Meta game   
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    vVv OrganicBear got a reaction from Czar in Streaming Overlay   
    Replace terran symbol with RuFF dog symbol IMO.

    Instead of GM maybe you could get someone to do a marine that would fit there, maybe base it off of the GM logo.

    I don't think it would be infringement if you based the vVvRuFF text off the SC2 logo at the top. You would be changing enough for it to be considered fair use.
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    vVv OrganicBear got a reaction from Varton in Grrr Muta Harras early game + lings.. what to do!   
    If you forge expand make a robo and get an obs for scouting. If you sentry expand get hallucinate and scout with phoenix. Typically:

    2 gas = roach ling
    3 gas = hydras
    4 gas = muta/infestor

    If they have a macro hatch that's another good indication of ling-heavy play.
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    vVv OrganicBear got a reaction from Wiebelhaus in Suggestions for a vVv in-house tournament   
    I think it's a good idea, but you'll have to make a no exceptions "no show = ff loss" rule. From my understanding this was tried before and no one would show up to play their matches, but if we get enough people seriously interested enough people should show up for at least a 3 round BO8 tournament.
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    vVv OrganicBear got a reaction from Jakekorste in NASL Attendance   
    Meh, MLG >. Incontrol having left, I don't expect for their to be a NASL much longer. Maybe 1-2 more seasons before they go belly-up.
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    vVv OrganicBear got a reaction from Namorah in Week Two   
    I'm honestly kind of baffled that people are leaving because... we suck if we aren't 50 yet? I'm kind of dumbfounded by that sentiment and if anyone could explain it to me I'd be much obliged. From my point of view I am leveling as fast as I can. Assuming I dropped everything else and focused exclusively on leveling every night, I might be half a level farther than I currently am. Quests provide a ton of experience, especially in a group, and I don't see anyone offering any alternatives or offering advice on how to level faster.

    It doesn't mean I suck if I don't know about any other ways to level, it means I don't have knowledge of them. I have done rifting, PvP (both world and warfronts), instances, questing, and (as a result of questing) grinding mobs. Up to this point the most efficient method seems to be questing.

    I wasn't part of beta and everything about this game is new to me. If the level 50s are dissatisfied with the progress of the other members of the guild, then why aren't they offering advice and helping? Are you really that elitist that you see us as a lost cause because we can't quit our jobs and play Rift all day?

    To be perfectly honest, by keeping to your clique and talking about how much the rest of the guild sucks behind our backs, I would say YOU are the ones that suck. I have only seen two level 50s actively helping the lower level players: Toxicity and Musclshark. The rest of you, as far as I know, are doing nothing unless it benefits you directly. Yet we are supposed to bend over backwards and meet your demands to drop everything and power level (assuming we aren't already)? Think about that for a minute.

    Communication is more important than anything else in order to establish a successful team. Those of us in the lower levels communicate with each other all the time, and that exchange of information and banter has helped us grow into a much more unified group. I will end this by asking the level 50s: do you want to be a part of that, or do you want to grumble in isolation about how much you hate the guild because it's a bunch of sucky noobs?

    MMOs aren't worth playing if your goal is to be the best unwashed fat 35 year old nerd living in your parents' basement. MMOs are good because of the community involvement. If you aren't satisfied with the community at level 50, then I would suggest helping the lower levels rather than QQ-ing out of the guild. Build the community instead of quitting out of it.

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