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  1. RT @atommorgan: It's almost as if we find new things to do with our time savings. https://t.co/GX7x7fNhnO

  2. Thanks Everyone for tuning in! I love @herner @BumJamas @Teapot_Yo @Infected_Bamboo @GenOrange1 #swaggies #subbutton

  3. @kAMANDAboom story of my life :(

  4. RT @CallofDuty: RT and you could win the ultimate #BlackOps3 setup. Rules: https://t.co/nqpn3tF6Ty #BO3LaunchSweeps https://t.co/brwJnswnUi

  5. RT @Halo: Thanks to your REQ crowdfunding, the Halo World Championship prize pool is now $1,500,000! https://t.co/a6pDCd5Rjl https://t.co/c…

  6. RT @EdventureTime: He said ''Guys, back to you'' and the camera changed to two empty chairs I'm fucking crying

  7. RT @EdventureTime: He said ''Guys, back to you'' and the camera changed to two empty chairs I'm fucking crying

  8. @kAMANDAboom @R0bSkii @nickdaquick1219 @zGheTTo @RichieHeinz @IGIhosT @Joe_Moore91 hair of the dog for Halloween let's get it

  9. @VballinChick it unlocks midnight EST for the whole country

  10. @majornelson Midship! #FreeCodeFriday

  11. RT @VinDrinks2Much: Me tonight after the mets win https://t.co/mvIcZCwrMh

  12. RT @TyRoot: Best thing I've seen all weekend. And why I love photography. http://t.co/u6xe0H8YsQ

  13. #tbt Chick Fil A, NYC ?? https://t.co/Kl9RmwetLn

  14. #BSQUAD IS BACK! https://t.co/QIOfkeeHb6

  15. @imgorejess early 20s

  16. @lyssa0612 How are you? :)

  17. @OpTicFlamesword Do you know if a team can participate in several qualifiers, or is it just one?

  18. If you dont accept this man in 2 days. I will eat you.
  19. Good read man! Im sure you guys will pick up a great player
  20. Just skimmed through the whole thread, you guys put in a ton of work, which is pretty admirable. Hope you guys get picked up, best of luck!
  21. http://www.twitter.com/vVv_Krazer http://www.facebook.com/thekrazer http://www.youtube.com/krazertv http://www.twitch.tv/krazr EDIT: for clickable links
  22. I would totally love a full time job in esports as soon as I get out of college. And it would be awesome if vVv Gaming embraces the whole university concept. If vVv can direct me (lack of a better word) to having a career in esports, THEN YES!!

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