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  1. RT @atommorgan: It's almost as if we find new things to do with our time savings. https://t.co/GX7x7fNhnO

  2. Thanks Everyone for tuning in! I love @herner @BumJamas @Teapot_Yo @Infected_Bamboo @GenOrange1 #swaggies #subbutton

  3. @kAMANDAboom story of my life :(

  4. RT @CallofDuty: RT and you could win the ultimate #BlackOps3 setup. Rules: https://t.co/nqpn3tF6Ty #BO3LaunchSweeps https://t.co/brwJnswnUi

  5. RT @Halo: Thanks to your REQ crowdfunding, the Halo World Championship prize pool is now $1,500,000! https://t.co/a6pDCd5Rjl https://t.co/c…

  6. RT @EdventureTime: He said ''Guys, back to you'' and the camera changed to two empty chairs I'm fucking crying

  7. RT @EdventureTime: He said ''Guys, back to you'' and the camera changed to two empty chairs I'm fucking crying

  8. @kAMANDAboom @R0bSkii @nickdaquick1219 @zGheTTo @RichieHeinz @IGIhosT @Joe_Moore91 hair of the dog for Halloween let's get it

  9. @VballinChick it unlocks midnight EST for the whole country

  10. @majornelson Midship! #FreeCodeFriday

  11. RT @VinDrinks2Much: Me tonight after the mets win https://t.co/mvIcZCwrMh

  12. RT @TyRoot: Best thing I've seen all weekend. And why I love photography. http://t.co/u6xe0H8YsQ

  13. #tbt Chick Fil A, NYC ?? https://t.co/Kl9RmwetLn

  14. #BSQUAD IS BACK! https://t.co/QIOfkeeHb6

  15. @imgorejess early 20s

  16. @lyssa0612 How are you? :)

  17. @OpTicFlamesword Do you know if a team can participate in several qualifiers, or is it just one?

  18. time to compete in CSGO

  19. Hey! Yer boy @MLGsundance is going to be on @losersbracket right now!! Click here! http://t.co/BVxzgSWE

  20. if you play halo this thread is in your best interest http://t.co/cNzFot05 RT!!

  21. Have you ever been interested in eSports? This weekend, starting Friday at 5pm EST and continuing all the way through Sunday evening, Major League Gaming (majorleaguegaming.com) will be hosting the Winter Championships in Columbus, OH. The best gamers from around the world will be competing for nearly half a million dollars in prizes in games such King of Fighters, Starcraft II, and Halo: Reach. I urge you to tune in and watch some of the games being played, if even for a minute. eSports are...

  22. , @Camber makes me TT follow him though he was @mioff wingman here in the east coast

  23. I hope @MLG has a lot of space for that NOS party

  24. Creeps me out that winter wasn't even that cold

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