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  1. I enjoy watching him at times but other times I don't know what it is I cant stand it. lulz xD
  2. ^^ irelias always been one of those champs riot loves to much and could never nerf to much
  3. good read, thanks for finding
  4. i dont think the changes to blitz were really needed, but will make me want to play him a little more xD
  5. been playing galio this week with him being free and I find that i like him much more as solo top vs support
  6. I see her banned just about every game, I dont think shes that big of a problem just seems like a lot of people dont know how to play against her
  7. I like mundo but i feel he just cant compete with many other champs
  8. good read, whenever i'm on a losing streak I tend to stop for a little while and then play a normal before going ranked again
  9. Think the fizz buff was needed
  10. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/news/fiora-patch-preview-gameplay-changes Im not sure how i feel about the jungle change.
  11. I saw a support anivia yesterday and found she can support quite well with ss heal. Her wall was maxed first and everytime she landed a good wall was either a kill or made the other champ have to go back.
  12. WIth his damage output and global ult I feel hes a little on the stonger side.
  13. I prefer to play support, going along with what Ockiral said I feel that a good support is more critical than a good ad carry
  14. I like most of the changes this patch cept shen is broken now They still need to fix a bug with kog. I found that if your doing aoe damage you can get a double kill off kog and his passive.
  15. my favorite solo top is yorick, he has very good harass, slow and a move buff, gets tanky and can hit hard. Not to mention his ghost.
  16. Mozart when i play with music for sure, very calming and keeps me focused
  17. This is really good.
  18. was fun, even though I got knocked out right away
  19. I think gangplank might need a bit of a nerf, I just played a game as gp for my first time against nidalee and sejuani in a 2v1 top lane and went 20/6/19 with little effort. His parley hits soo hard I was one shooting a teemo at 35 mins
  20. ap support teemo can be fun, Blind the ad carry to try and prevent some last hits and shrooms that not only slow for your ad carry to get the kill but they can also do good damage and not to mention can save some money on some wards
  21. I would think thats not something riot intended to do at all
  22. I like how they are giving support more options as far as items go, hopefully the prices aren't too high.

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