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  1. I enjoy watching him at times but other times I don't know what it is I cant stand it. lulz xD
  2. ^^ irelias always been one of those champs riot loves to much and could never nerf to much
  3. good read, thanks for finding
  4. i dont think the changes to blitz were really needed, but will make me want to play him a little more xD
  5. been playing galio this week with him being free and I find that i like him much more as solo top vs support
  6. I see her banned just about every game, I dont think shes that big of a problem just seems like a lot of people dont know how to play against her
  7. I like mundo but i feel he just cant compete with many other champs
  8. good read, whenever i'm on a losing streak I tend to stop for a little while and then play a normal before going ranked again
  9. Think the fizz buff was needed
  10. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/news/fiora-patch-preview-gameplay-changes Im not sure how i feel about the jungle change.
  11. I saw a support anivia yesterday and found she can support quite well with ss heal. Her wall was maxed first and everytime she landed a good wall was either a kill or made the other champ have to go back.
  12. WIth his damage output and global ult I feel hes a little on the stonger side.
  13. I prefer to play support, going along with what Ockiral said I feel that a good support is more critical than a good ad carry

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