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  1. sup dude, ma bad man but i totally fell asleep with my comp on... Didn't wanna be disrespectful, so i figured i'd drop you a line here. That was a very interesting offer and id like to ask you some q's about it next time i catch you online. Anyhoo take it easy!

  2. nevermind i lost 6 in a row switching around races lol platinum it is!!

  3. hey man! gl with the application process! stay active
  4. First comment! ahahaha ya bishes. RebelMusic was here!

  5. im idra fanboy but this show is not for me... it's like the view only for sc2. couple whiners qqing for an hour. back to the drawing board, gents
  6. ty! should be diamond shortly.... if i have anything to say about it

  7. oo gratz on platinum!

  8. this here is a real friendly dude with a fantastic attitude, good luck in your interview man!!!!
  9.  RebelMusic

    App: Mekhami

    omg you 2 ladies need to relax your both in Texas wth do you guys know about inclement weather lol's... for Ramen noodle's y'all need to hook the chains on the tires everyone knows that. edit: no chair is fail too, btw. c'mon now... gotta be comfy if you wanna pwn, right?
  10. if i ever make it into a booth at any event im going to request as i enter they dim the lights and blare this:
  11. ♪ around the world ♫ around the world ♫♪ around the world ♪ around the world ♫

  12. pandora for me, i just create radio stations like: dubstep, flux pavillion, deadmau5, riverside, bassnecter and then go put in work because the beat has you goin at least 100 apm <-- on beat to almost any song!!! hahaha had to edit for that
  13. buahahahahahahahaha isn't this the truth? +1 edit: still laughing at this!!! comments like this make me wish Pretend had more time to sit around on b.net crackin jokes... oh man this made my day.
  14.  RebelMusic

    MinD Application

    i like this guy's attitude. keep up the good work and again, gl with the application process.

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