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    Jeremy Arnold
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    starcraft 2, gears of war, madden
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    Linkin Park
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    My family, I have a wife and 3 kids. Football of course.
  1. I still play rift. They are doing good things with pvp
  2. Felony.

    Application for REO

    congrats bro, now teach me the ways with csz! lol
  3. played against you couple times in a KOTH last night. Good player almost got ya couple times
  4. to this day, DAOC is most complete MMO ive played. Enjoyed for well over 5 years.
  5. nice app man, if you get ur live account going. Throw me a friend request.
  6. Felony.

    vVv Application: I$AAC

    Welcome man, add me on live and we can play some
  7. Felony.

    Application for REO

    do you have AIM?
  8. Felony.

    Application for REO

    Hey REO, I noticed from a video in Krayzie Bones app that you play some Cyber Sub. That is my mine I would be extremely grateful if you could help me out a little with him in-game. Gimme some pointers and tips. Thanks! and Good Luck on app!
  9. good luck on ur app.
  10. good luck with your app. Hit me up on live so I can get some more games in with you!
  11. Felony.

    Application for REO

    Good luck with your app bro. Throw me a friend Im always looking to play against good players to help make me better.
  12. Good luck with your app. Add me bro ill play with ya. I could always use a good lesson.
  13. how is interview coming along?
  14. good luck bro, stay active on forums and get to know other vVv members!

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