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  1. Julia D'Azzo This kills me everytime!!

  2. Joe Rivera Kris Del Riego LMAO


  3. Sort of SPOILER, so don't click if you haven't watched new TWD. For those that want to know the truth, it's right in front you. (Click The Link) This is from IMDb


  4. Karl Donaldson I'm telling you, she heard us talking...

  5. David J Garay Yao ming looks like Andy. Lol

  6. add HighDefined. I am also interested in competitive play.
  7. Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Universal Studios Hollywood 2014. Can we have nothing exclusive?

  8. People are going ape shit bannanas out here!!!! ARGFGGGH

  9. Jonks Entertainment is all I have and all I need, it will be the foundation of my life. This company is all I have and I'll be damned if anyone or anything will stand in my way. I am Jonks Entertainment, I am Bounty: Inner Orbs We are the future..Expect Us

  10. I may not have walls around me to keep me safe right now but I have plenty of great people that are there to catch me if I fall.

  11. Looks like it's time to go again...im sorry.

  12. Some peoples purpose in life is just to hurt others...

  13. This is what I like to call...back to square one.

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