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    vVv Minjaaa reacted to arcgore in Just a fun clip we got playing R6   
    Got a fun clip tonight using Kapkan. Hope you enjoy. https://clips.twitch.tv/PreciousAthleticHumanEagleEye
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    vVv Minjaaa reacted to vVv Stitches in Volunteers for CGN'S?   
    I’ll 100% host gears and I’m sure Hoagie would do the cod. I’ll host whatever other games people want to play as long as I have it 
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    vVv Minjaaa reacted to vVv Hoagie in Volunteers for CGN'S?   
    Hosted a quickly put together CGN on CoD last night and had a good turn out. I'm sure with a stable schedule the turn out will grow and I have no problem hosting.
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    vVv Minjaaa got a reaction from arcgore in Arcgore   
    Welcome to vVv! Definitely hype to see another Monster Hunter player here! What platform do you play it on?
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    vVv Minjaaa reacted to vVv Hoagie in CDL Hardpoint Map Overview/Locations   
    Glad to be of help for those looking to learn more about Hardpoint. I would make overviews of my own showing rotation routes but I think the amount of arrows needed to be placed on the map would just be confusing.
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    vVv Minjaaa reacted to vVv Hoagie in CDL Hardpoint Map Overview/Locations   
    Azhir Cave (Preferred Start Team: Allegiance) If you start on bad side your first goal should be to flip the spawns by rotating through hill locations 3--->5 and to the back building. You want to hold spawns on this side of the map most, if not all, of the map.

    1. Town Center
    2. Cave East
    3. Soccer Field
    4. Cave West
    5. Cliff Path
    Gun Runner (Preferred Start Team: Coalition) If you start on bad side you want to fight your way through hill 4 and wrap behind hill 2 to gain spawns you want. If your team doesn't win the gun fights needed to do so you can flank through the opposite side of map for control (not preferred). For hills 3, 4, 5 you want spawns by hill 5.

    1. Center Platform
    2. Munition Depot
    3. Mine Entrance
    4. Cargo Containers
    5. Shipping Warehouse
    Hackney Yard (Preferred Start Team: Coalition) If you start bad side your first goal is to push left side of map past hill 4 and into the back area of hill 2. Building control that hill 4 is in (green building) and top L control are crucial throughout the entire map!

    1. Warehouse
    2. Tire Shop (Upstairs)
    3. Smokestack (Square area ground level)
    4. Office (Bottom level by stairs)
    5. Dock Building (Bottom level)
    Rammaza (Preferred Start Team: Allegiance) If you start on bad side you want to push through hill 5--->hill 2 and to where the player arrow is to flip spawns. You can this spawn side all game if your team is slaying out the opposition as you can spawn trap them for hills 3 & 5 easily. If not you can hold spawns behind 3 & 5 for those hills but risk getting trapped yourself.

    1. Bridge
    2. Electronic Shop
    3. Barber Shop
    4. Construction (Bottom level)
    5. Ruins
    St. Petrograd (Preferred Start Team: Coalition) If starting bad side you want to push up the left side of map (water side) and get behind hill 4 to control spawns. You will want to keep control of these spawns most of the map.

    1. Shipping Area
    2. Cafe
    3. Hazmat Building (Bottom level)
    4. Pool Hall/Bar
    5. Restaurant 
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    vVv Minjaaa reacted to vVv Hoagie in Competitive Class Setups   
    All the classes I post below are the classes I use when I play and in most cases are the general class setups used by everyone when it comes to weapon attachments. Feel free to post your own setups or any questions you have.
    M4 Class Setups
    1. Compensator Muzzle, Corvus Custom Barrel, Cronen Reflex, No Stock, Commando Foregrip Underbarrel
    2. Compensator Muzzle, Stock M16 Grenadier Barrel, No Stock, Commando Foregrip Underbarrel, Stippled Grip Tape
    3. Same as #2 but with the Corvus Custom Barrel
    4. Compensator Muzzle, Stock M16 Grenadier Barrel, Cronen Reflex, Ranger Foregrip Underbarrel, Rubberized Grip Tape
    Since most the maps are small and played at a fast pace normally, most of my AR class are built for that. My 4th class is strictly a SnD class for Arklov Peak since it is a bigger map and long range gun fights are guaranteed. Compensator is a must on the M4 due to the upward recoil pattern of the gun. Personally I feel like the Corvus Barrel is better at closer ranged engagements, M16 Grenadier for longer ranged engagements.  No stock is an option under the stock tab and not just me telling you I don't use anything. Reflex sight is personal preference so used whatever one you like. Rear Grip is only used if not running a sight on the gun.
    MP5 Class Setups
    1. Compensator, FTAC Collapsible Stock, Merc Foregrip Underbarrel, 10mm Ammunition, Stippled Grip Tape
    2. FTAC Collapsible Stock, Merc Foregrip Underbarrel, 10mm Ammunition, Stippled Grip Tape, Sleight of Hand Perk
    SMGs are all about movement. MP5 has a lot of kick but hip fire is OP, so Compensator and Merc Foregrip help control the recoil and hip fire accuracy. Sleight of Hand isn't necessary but the reload animation in the game is slow and can be buggy so it helps make sure you are reloaded for the next engagement (mainly used in respawn modes).
    MP7 Class Setup
    1. FSS Recon Barrel, No Stock, Merc Foregrip Underbarrel, Stippled Grip Tape, Sleight of Hand
    MP7 just started being used again since the Pros are trying add more weapon variety into comp play since up to this point its mostly been 4 MP5s and 1 M4. MP7 can be a monster of a weapon but connection does play a major role on how well the gun works online.
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    vVv Minjaaa reacted to vVv RobZ in What are you trying to improve on as a CoD player?   
    vVv has always been a place where the community can improve at the games they're playing with like minded members and gamers. Back in the Gears of War days, we used to have threads sharing feedback with each other on where we could improve and also share what we're trying to work on so that others could help support us.
    I'll kick this off!
    What I'm trying to improve during April on CoD:
    learn call-outs on competitive maps learn map choke-points, spawn points, and rotations for respawn game modes SnD setups learn more about class-setup options and create my own custom class setups based on my play-style  
    I'm not a competitive player, but when I play, I prefer to win and I believe the above will help make me a better player.
    If anyone has resources or ideas for how I can improve on the above, I welcome them!
    I also welcome everyone to post the areas that they are trying to improve on. It could be with a specific weapon (SMG/AR), game mode (SnD, HP, Dom), flaw in your play-style (being too aggressive/patient), improving communication, etc.
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    vVv Minjaaa reacted to vVv F R 0 o T x in vVv Milkyy and vVv Fr0ot X New President and VP of vVv Gaming   
    Thanks everyone! With the direction of the board, Milkyy and myself, we've got some awesome stuff planned
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    vVv Minjaaa reacted to vVv Hoagie in vVv Milkyy and vVv Fr0ot X New President and VP of vVv Gaming   
    Congrats! Let's get to work shall we!
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    vVv Minjaaa got a reaction from vVv Exodus in vVv Milkyy and vVv Fr0ot X New President and VP of vVv Gaming   
    Congrats guys, and thank you for stepping up! Looking forward to the future!
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    vVv Minjaaa reacted to vVv Hoagie in CoD Community Meeting 3/28/20 Recap   
    Would like to thank vVv Bizkit for taking the highlights of the meeting and sending them to me after and for providing an example (attached to post) of the 30-60-90 day plan he mentioned. This is the current plan going forward of things to be done currently where capable and once we have established a new Staff team. Anything I've added to each point will be in italics just to help expand a little on the idea. If anyone has any questions, comments, or issues regarding any of these things please post them here!
    - Create an SCI survey to gauge the consensus of the community. (After new Staff is assigned)
    - Potentially create Call of Duty Boot Camp to teach willing players. Community GameBattles team is the start of this, CGNs can also be an initial point to teach on a larger scale until we devise a better system to do this.
    - CDL but as a public meet and greet to the community.
    - Record your playtime anyway you can. Review with yourself and other members. Stream as often as possible if possible! Even though we lack a content manager for the YouTube channel we still need to make/store as much content as possible so we can start getting more exposure for vVv!!! 
    - No Pro team due to franchise. How do we use vVv value proposition to help recruit and train amateur players.
    - Post threads that provide resources to refer back to and help: 1) Learn maps 2) Rotations 3) Roles 4) Classes I plan on looking up map overview images for each competitive map in the pool and marking the HardPoint locations, call outs, etc. Can also post the major class setups used. Will rely on the other major comp players to assist.
    - Discord meet and greets for potential applicants. Try to hold monthly meetings if possible as a way for new members to the community to meet everyone and to discuss where we are at/where we are going 
    - Set requirements to label community teams: 1) 30 days together 2) GBs? 3) Community engagement 4) Record of scrims? 5) etc. I said this in the meeting and I will reiterate here once again in regards to outside players. ANY OUTSIDE PLAYERS/TEAMS MUST JOIN THE FORUMS AND DISCORD AND INTERACT WITH AND BECOME PART OF THE COMMUNITY IF THEY WISH TO REP vVv, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
    - Clean house of negative members after exhausting other options to help them. This is in regards to community members/apps having issues with one another if any arise. We're all adults here so handle any issues in DMs between just the two of you, contact any mods/staff if issues can't be resolved in the correct manner privately.
    - Create a 30-60-90 day plan with staff and CoD lead to have progress. 
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    vVv Minjaaa reacted to vVv Vishouss in vVv Milkyy and vVv Fr0ot X New President and VP of vVv Gaming   
    Congratulations fellas. More than happy to see you both step up to the task at hand. And cant wait to see what you have in store for us. Theres much work to be done, but well get it done now. And as always, if theres anything you need help with dont hesitate to ask me. 
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    vVv Minjaaa reacted to vVv Stitches in vVv Milkyy and vVv Fr0ot X New President and VP of vVv Gaming   
    Congrats guys! Now let’s actually get some shit done 😬❤️
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    vVv Minjaaa reacted to vVv Exodus in vVv Milkyy and vVv Fr0ot X New President and VP of vVv Gaming   
    Good afternoon vVv Gaming,
    vVv Gaming is proud to announce vVv Milkyy as the new President of vVv Gaming as well as vVv Fr0ot x as the new Vice President of vVv Gaming. Both are going to do an amazing job with the organization, they have many great ideas,  the future is bright with them at the helm. vVv Milkyy has been in vVv for over 10 years  and was a valued member of staff years ago with a wealth of knowledge and vVv Fr0ot x has been in the same amount of time I have which is 13 years. vVv Fr0ot x used to build/code our website so anything site related he will be able to handle, he is a huge asset. I am not going anywhere, as I stated in my previous post I am now an Executive board member of vVv Gaming with vVv RobZGod, vVv LordJerith  the owner and vVv Doomhammer.  We all have a wealth of knowledge and will lead them all the way, we are excited for the new direction vVv Gaming is going. The community is going to thrive and make vVv shine. Stay tuned for more, thank you all for being apart of vVv Gaming.
    Thank you,
    vVv Exodus
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    vVv Minjaaa reacted to Plague of Rats in IM BACK (maybe)   
    I am playing tons of the Modern Warfare, along with the usual League of Legends, and various other games.
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    vVv Minjaaa reacted to Plague of Rats in IM BACK (maybe)   
    Hello everyone!
    It has been SIX YEARS, since I hung up my triple v's but am currently toying around with the idea of putting an application back into the best gaming community I have ever been a part of. A little back story about me, back in 2014, I was in charge of the League of Legends ADL (Amateur Draft League), an amateur LoL tournament. I am not sure if that is still going on or what not, but that is a little back story into what I used to do for this community. I am looking forward to interacting with y'all and seeing if maybe this community might be a good fit for me again. If you have any questions, I have already joined the discord and you can PM me there.
    -Plague Of Rats
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    vVv Minjaaa reacted to vVv Exodus in A Message from vVv Exodus   
    Good evening vVv,
    I'll keep this short and sweet. I've had a lot of members messaging me with what is going on with staff, vVv etc. Staff and I had a very good  discussion the other day, we all love vVv Gaming, all still in vVv Gaming for life. With that said, after a long discussion everyone decided it was best to part ways as a staff.  Burn out? sure, this insane Corona virus mess? Yes amoung other things. This hits home financially for all of us, we as a nation will survive but this is scary as hell. With that said, I spoke with vVv LordJerith and resigned as President of vVv Gaming. I am on the Executive board for vVv Gaming, this is permanent. I'm still here and I'm not going anywhere, I'm vVv for life. Now, I and vVv LordJerith are looking for two people that want vVv Gaming to be their full time job, entrepreneurs as you will. These individuals need to have a strong drive and ability  to raise money and  build a business plan. vVv LordJerith will assist with the business plan and get them in touch with investors. These two people will interview with LordJerith and I, they also will directly answer to him and I. If you're interested private message  me,  20 plus, no teens, I want serious inquiries only. I succeeded and failed, I learned a lot, if I let anyone down I apologize.  I always meant well. Merch is still available, i'll see about getting hoodies asap. I feel this is the best thing for vVv Gaming, we need two people that have the time for it, with a job and a wife I unfortunately don't anymore. I will seek someone to be in charge of Discord, steamers, YT editor etc will come with time. All of you stay, have fun and as soon as I have an update you'll all know.  This isn't the end, its only the beginning.  Again, I'm going nowhere, I'll game with you and if you need me I'll be more than happy to talk about whatever. I'm still running the show per say, so again, if you need me I'm here. Apps that need interviews will go through me still.
    Thank you, 
    vVv Exodus
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    vVv Minjaaa got a reaction from Teej7 in Teej application   
    Glad to see you apply man! Good luck and I hope to see you around!
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    vVv Minjaaa reacted to vVv Exodus in Phryme Application   
    Perfect just wanted to make sure my friend! Make sure you get with NerdPrblms and set it up 🙂
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    vVv Minjaaa reacted to vVv JoeExotic in Phryme Application   
    I was under the impression interviews were on hold until the 6th for the holidays. I've asked NerdPrblms on discord what times work
    I'll be gone for a few days for a work trip to Atlanta. Its the 9th to the 12th I believe. Otherwise I'm around most nights!
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    vVv Minjaaa got a reaction from vVv JoeExotic in Phryme Application   
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    vVv Minjaaa reacted to vVv JoeExotic in Phryme Application   
    Will do! I'll check in with her after the holidays
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    vVv Minjaaa reacted to vVv Exodus in Phryme Application   
    You’re ready for an interview,  get with NerdProblms to set everything up.
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    vVv Minjaaa reacted to vVv NerdPrblms in Welcome vVv Latro as our Video Editor!   
    We are excited to announce our newest staff member @vVv Latro as our Video Editor!! Our YouTube channel will soon be back in action with weekly top play videos and monthly spotlights of our members. If you are interested in submitting your clips for these videos, visit the form below!! WELCOME LATRO!!!!! ❤️

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